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  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3D Heading To 3DS eShop

    The 3D remake of Cave Story that released for 3DS in 2012 is getting an eShop release soon. The game is a full remake of the 2D indie classic Cave Story with a remixed soundtrack from Danny Baranowsky – the man behind the music of Super Meat Boy. The retail version of the game isn't too hard... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Creator's Lesser-Known Games Coming To The 3DS eShop

    Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya is best known for creating the indie game Cave Story, but Amaya is a prolific designer with many other projects and two of his other games are making their way to 3DS. Ikachan puts players in the role of a silent squid as it makes it through an underwater cave in order... More
  • Blog Post: The Original Cave Story Enhanced For 3DS Arrives Next Month

    There was a heavily updated Cave Story for 3DS that released last year, but this isn't that version. This is the original 2D version of Cave Story updated with some 3D visuals. This is basically the Cave Story+ that is available on PC through Steam, but without the HD art and music. It will have... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story Creator Releases Azarashi On iOS

    The man behind the indie hit Cave Story has released a game on the iOS called Azarashi. Aside from a similar visual style and music, it doesn't have much in common with Cave Story. It's a simple minigame where you have to catch seals before they fall to the ground by throwing a dart at their... More
  • Blog Post: New Game From Cave Story Dev Coming Along Well

    Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya, the creator of indie retro throwback Cave Story, has been at work on another game since February. Entitled Rockfish, the game is destined for iOS only. Amaya is taking fan feedback from Cave Story into consideration for the project. One of the biggest changes known so far... More
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