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  • Blog Post: Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road Studio Remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers

    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The point-and-click adventure was designed by Jane Jensen and published by Sierra On-Line. Jensen's new studio, Pinkerton Road , is handling the remake. The title was the first in a series of third-person adventures featuring... More
  • Blog Post: Gabriel Knight Spiritual Successor 'Moebius' Announced

    Update : The Kickstarter project has reached its $300,000 pledge goal with 11 days remaining. "I feel relief, a bit of shock and disbelief, gladness -- but mostly gratitude and humility," said Jane Jensen on the Kickstarter page . "It's amazing that we can say, 'Hey, guys, how... More
  • Blog Post: Gabriel Knight Creator Forms New Studio

    Jane Jensen and composer Robert Holmes announced today the formation of Pinkerton Road, a new studio focusing on creating adventure games. Both Jensen and Holmes have been in the games industry for over 20 years, and most notably worked on the Gabriel Knight PC series. Throughout the next year, three... More
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