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  • Blog Post: InstaDoom Mod Finally Brings Selfies And Photo Filters To Doom

    A Doom modder going by the name Linguica has implemented arguably the only thing Doom fans have felt was missing from the game – Instagram filters and a selfie stick. You can find out more about the mod (and download it) by heading here . The implementation of the filters is actually quite impressive... More
  • Blog Post: First Close-Up Photos Of The Steam Box Appear Online

    Lucky beta testers have begun to receive their Steam Boxes in the mail. We've seen an unboxing video , and now high-quality close-up photos of Valve's living room console are showing up on the Internet. The photos included here come from Reddit user colbehr . The photos, of which there are many... More
  • Blog Post: Forget Planking and Tebowing, Hadoukening Is the Latest Rage

    The Internet's next viral photography meme is from Japan and inspired by the legendary Street Fighter move . We expect that this will conquer the world in record time. Sorry Tebow - your time is up. We ran across an Imgur account on the Internet that documents this emerging trend. To be honest, this... More
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