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  • Blog Post: Phil Harrison Leaves Microsoft After Three Years

    Microsoft has confirmed to Game Informer that Phil Harrison has departed the company. The former vice president joined the Xbox team in 2012. “Following a successful tenure as Corporate Vice President in Xbox in Europe, Phil Harrison has chosen to pursue business interests outside of Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Walks Back Harrison’s Erroneous Kinect Voice Command Statements

    Last week following the Microsoft press conference at E3, we sat down with company corporate vice president Phil Harrison to discuss the current state of Xbox. During that conversation, we asked him if all of the Kinect functions, including system level voice commands, could be disabled to eke more power... More
  • Blog Post: One Year Later, Microsoft Messaging On Xbox One As Confused As Ever

    Update: Microsoft has provided us a statement on Kinect voice commands. You can read the entire statement detailing Microsoft's correction to Phil Harrison's statements on June 9, 2014. Original Story: Last week at E3, I sat down with Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison to talk about... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Expects Difficulty Meeting Xbox One Demand

    Back in September, we ran an interview with Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer . During that conversation, we spoke extensively about the company’s calculated and measured approach to supply and demand. "You want people to be able to walk in the store and buy one on day one, so... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Xbox One Allows Picture-In-Picture Commentary, No Extended Recordings

    Update: Microsoft has responded to us stating that executive vice president Phil Harrison's comments were taken out of context. "We are committed to giving gamers the ability to produce high quality videos easily and quickly," a Microsoft representative told Game Informer. "We can... More
  • Blog Post: Phil Harrison: Xbox One Will Never Come Without Kinect

    Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison is underlining the company's support of the new Kinect with Xbox One. According to an interview with CVG, Harrison dashes the hopes of fans holding out for a cheaper, Kinect-free Xbox One bundle. When asked if the Xbox One will always come with a Kinect... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Now Are You Getting An Xbox One?

    Microsoft has systematically reversed, tweaked, and improved its policies related to the Xbox One. The system we're talking about today is very different than the one revealed on May 21, 2013. We thought it would be good to check in with you, our readers, and find out whether Microsoft's changes... More
  • Blog Post: Don't Panic: The Gamer's Guide To The Xbox One Reveal

    Sit down. Grab a paper bag. Breathe slow and deep. It's going to be ok. Yesterday's Xbox One reveal offered a lot of information about Microsoft's vision for next generation, but it also left us with a lot of questions . In less than one month, a lot of those holes are going to be filled... More
  • Blog Post: [Update]: Former Sony Head Harrison Joins Microsoft

    [Update]: Microsoft has just officially announced Phil Harrison's new role as leader of Microsoft Studios in Europe. Harrison will oversee Microsoft's Lionhead, Soho, and Rare studios in the U.K. He will also join the Interactive Entertainment Business team as a corporate vice president, and... More
  • Blog Post: Phil Harrison Dismisses Importance Of Hardware In Next-Gen Consoles

    The former Sony Computer Entertainment executive sees a new business paradigm driving the next consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Speaking at the Develop conference in the U.K., Phil Harrison outlined his new vision for consoles. "I think the era of the console where hardware companies... More
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