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  • Blog Post: Razer Announces Wildcat Xbox One Controller

    Third-party hardware maker Razer has announced a new Xbox One controller designed for tournament play. According to Razer, the Wildcat Xbox One controller is 25-percent lighter than other high-end controllers, and incorporates a variety of feedback from eSports competitors. Here's a full feature... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Premium Gaming Peripherals (If Any) Do You Use?

    High-end video game peripherals are big business. Are there any that you insist on using? For console gamers, the standard controller tends to be the best option, but that hasn't prevented companies from trying to make their own. Fight sticks for fighting games and flight sticks for flight games... More
  • Blog Post: Turtle Beach To Manufacture Headsets For Xbox One

    Today, video game peripheral company Turtle Beach that it will be releasing a line of gaming headsets for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. “In Turtle Beach we have a partner that can help Microsoft deliver world class gaming audio experiences to our customers,” said Turtle Beach’s... More
  • Blog Post: Razer Releasing Mass Effect 3 Inspired Gaming Peripherals

    Razer, which is known for making some of the most high-quality aftermarket gaming peripherals in the industry, has announced a series of products inspired by BioWare's upcoming RPG epic Mass Effect 3. The products all sport a Mass Effect look and feel. Hardcore fans will be able to get a ME3 style... More
  • Blog Post: Peripheral Testing: Game Informer Goes Hunting

    Last time Joe and myself teamed up for peripheral testing, we raised a baby in our conference room. This time around, we tried something a little more adult by playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 with the included gun. "Tried" is the operative word, as you'll see us having a bit ... More
  • Blog Post: Game Boat: The Most Useless Accessory In History

    Well, we've officially seen it all. Just when you think that acting like a spazz while rushing down a river in Kinect Adventures couldn't look any more ridiculous, peripheral manufacturer Atomic Accessories steps up to the plate. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to your living rooms...the... More
  • Blog Post: Ion Unveils New Premium Drum Kit Compatible With Rock Band 3's Pro Mode

    Ion has won praise from hardcore music gamers for its well-built (and costly) Rock Band peripherals. Today, it announced the Drum Rocker Pro Official Premium Drum Set, a new model aimed for gamers interested in Rock Band 3's ultra-challenging new Rock Band Pro mode, which requires gamers to literally... More
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