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  • Blog Post: Krosmaster Arena Is Final Fantasy Tactics On The Tabletop And Your PC

    As a fan of tabletop games, I'm always on the lookout for something new and different. I've got an affinity for miniatures games – but my wallet, common sense, and unwillingness to paint have typically kept me away. I happened to wander into Japanime Games' large room at PAX and found... More
  • Blog Post: Jordan Weisman Sees Harebrained Schemes' Golem Arcana As A Tabletop MMO

    On the surface, PAX might seem like a celebration of video games. In reality, it's a gathering that embraces multiple disciplines of game entertainment, including the diverse world of tabletop titles. I had a chance to catch up with Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman, CEO of Harebrained Schemes, to... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With The Behemoth’s Time And Dimension Shifting New Game

    The Behemoth, makers of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre’s latest game may departs from the studio’s established action roots in favor of hex-based strategy. However, its absurdist humor and impressive art is unchanged. Behemoth’s Game 4 (which is not the final name) begins when... More
  • Blog Post: We Were One Second Away From Blowing Up Everyone At PAX

    The Oculus Rift is poised to change the way we approach gaming, with new experiences being developed every day for the head-mounted display. One of the most interesting uses I've experienced was a little game in the tabletop area of the Indie Minibooth called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The... More
  • Blog Post: League Of Legends And Esports At PAX Prime 2014

    At PAX Prime 2014, we sat down to chat with Riot Games’ VP of eSports Dustin Beck about League of Legends and the direction of things to come for the competitive moba. With eSports commanding bigger prize pools and attracting more viewers than ever, where’s Riot taking things next? “We’ve... More
  • Blog Post: H1Z1 Experimenting With Bold Concepts

    We had a chance to check out the current build of the free-to-play zombie-survival MMORPG H1Z1 at PAX Prime 2014, and things are looking interesting to say the least. Ravens circle around corpses warning players of danger at a distance, the virus can now infect players to various degrees before death... More
  • Blog Post: Salt And Sanctuary: Soulvania

    We had a chance to check out Salt and Sanctuary at PAX Prime 2014, and it’s looking impressive. From the two person Ska Studios team that gave us Charlie Murder, it’s inspired by two wonderful things - Castlevania and the Souls series. The build we got to play was a lush 2D animated romp... More
  • Blog Post: World Of Tanks Targets Players Old And New

    Wargaming’s World of Tanks is highlighting the new Stronghold experience, a clan/guild wars style system that we took a look at during PAX Prime 2014. In a nutshell, the system allows new players to team up and participate for additional rewards, and veterans to form competitive clans to compete... More
  • Blog Post: Upsilon Circuit Is 'The Running Man' Of Gaming With A Max Headroom Host

    I may be dating myself a bit here, but children of the 80s will remember Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in an adaptation of Stephen King's The Running Man . The movie depicts Schwarzenegger participating in the entertainment of the future: a game show played to the death. The idea has been aped before... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi Wants To Make A Ballet Game

    Yesterday, I had the chance to interview Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi about his new mobile game , Terra Battle. As he was demonstrating the game's swirling, graceful combat system, I asked him how long it took to refine it before he was happy. The answer was much more interesting than... More
  • Blog Post: Mighty No. 9 Beta Opens For Backers, May Include Online Race Mode

    During a Q&A PAX panel with Keiji Inafune, the Mighty No. 9 creator revealed backers of the game's Kickstarter will be able to dive into the beta within the next 24 hours. According to the official Mighty No. 9 twitter account , many have already begun to jump in and play. At its start, the beta... More
  • Blog Post: Heroes Of The Storm At PAX Prime 2014

    Blizzard’s 5v5 hero brawler was at PAX Prime 2014, and I had a chance to take one of the three new heroes out for a spin. Azmodan, Chen Stormstout, and Anub’arak compose the new batch, and I settled on Azmodan. Azmodan is a crazy lane-pushing monstrosity, so if you have enjoyed other push... More
  • Blog Post: Landmark Adds Combat To The Mix

    The ever-evolving Landmark has long been a place to explore, craft, and create, but now combat has finally arrived. We took a peek at Landmark to check in on how things are going at PAX Prime 2014. Monsters haven’t arrived just yet and are probably a few months down the line, but players are now... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Announces Final Soundtrack For Fantasia: Music Evolved

    From iconic classical pieces to modern pop, Harmonix upcoming music game covers a wide spectrum of musical tastes. During a panel at PAX, the studio revealed the full song list, and its sure to include a little bit of something fore everyone. During Disney Interactive and Harmonix’s Music Evolved... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Tome: Immortal Arena

    At PAX Prime 2014, I took a dive into Kixeye’s MOBA, Tome: Immortal Arena. As usual, the first thing I wanted to know was what differentiated Tome from the grand deluge of MOBAS that are arriving on the PC scene. In broad strokes, the gameplay is much faster than many other genre titles - Games... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Get Four DLC Packs And A Season Pass

    During the Inside Gearbox Software panel at PAX, the studio announced that the upcoming shooter looter would have four post-release add-on content packs and a season pass granting players access to all the new content. Following the release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on October 14th, the game will... More
  • Blog Post: Several New D&D Titles Being Prepped, Including Neverwinter MMO

    Wizards of the Coast has teamed up with game developers such as Backflip Studios, Beamdog, Cryptic Studios, and Perfect World Entertainment in order to developer a number of D&D-based video games that will be headed our way shortly. This year, Wizards of the Coast celebrated the 40th anniversary... More
  • Blog Post: Heavenly Sword And DmC Dev Helping With Disney Infinity 2.0

    Ninja Theory must be busy, not only did the Heavenly Sword developer just announce a new game, Hellblade, a few weeks ago at Gamescom , but during a Giant Bomb panel at PAX 2014, Disney Infinity 2.0 exec producer John Vignocchi announced that the studio is also working on Disney Infinity 2.0. During... More
  • Blog Post: A Fistful Of Gun Is A Frantic, Co-Op Western Shooter With Eleven Different Control Schemes

    I know it might seem different to mention how many control schemes a game has in the headline, but I promise it makes sense. In FarmerGnome's A Fistful of Gun, the control schemes are different for each character, and you might find yourself playing with keyboard, mouse, or controller depending on... More
  • Blog Post: The Underworld Is A Sandbox In Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

    This week, Deep Silver and Volition announced a new-gen remake for Saints Row IV and a brand new, standalone expansion starring Johnny Gat . The hotheaded Saints lieutenant is on a mission to shoot Satan in the face, and he'll have angelic powers and a giant chip on his shoulder to get the job done... More
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