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  • Blog Post: Sony Acquired OnLive Patents, Gaming Service To Close At End Of Month

    OnLive, the pioneering streaming games portal, has sold several of its patents to Sony. As a result, the company is closing its service on April 30. According to an IGN report , "Sony now owns several of OnLive's assets, including its US and International portfolio patents on cloud gaming."... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Avoids Wii U Sales Injunction In Settlement With Philips

    In May 2014, electronics manufacturer Philips filed suit against Nintendo over alleged patent infringement . The complaint targeted motion-control peripherals, including the Wii U and accessories like the Wii Remote. In June, Nintendo was dealt a blow in UK courts as a judge ruled that patents for recognition... More
  • Blog Post: Is Nintendo Working On A Standalone Pokémon Handheld?

    A new patent filing seems to indicate that Nintendo and the Pokémon Company are working on a new handheld system built specifically for pocket monsters. The patent filing was spotted by users at the popular video game message board NeoGAF. As you can see by the pictures, the system appears to... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Koei Tecmo

    Capcom has started a legal battle with another venerable Japanese game publisher, citing copyright infringement. A report by the Japanese site Sankai states that Capcom has filed a suit against Tecmo Koei, stating that Tecmo Koei has infringed on concepts that Capcom has patented. The filing was a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Wins Wii Fit Patents Following Lawsuit Settlement

    A company tried to sue Nintendo for supposedly infringing on its patents with the Wii Fit. It lost, and now Nintendo has acquired those patents. InterAction Laboratories sued Nintendo in 2012 for patent infringement. Nintendo eventually won the case, and the court ordered InterAction to pay Nintendo's... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Patents Redesigned Move Controller

    A new patent from Sony suggests the company is working on a redesigned, customizable Move controller. Published just last week, the patent reveals images of the more ergonomic Move controller seen above. Another image suggests that the controller would feature interchangeable faceplates: Additionally... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Patents Reveal Possible Controller Functionality For iPhone

    Apple has become a major player in video games, and a new patent filing shows that the company is thinking about the possibility of the iPhone communicating with existing video game systems and controllers. Today, Apple filed patents on functionality relating to the iPhone and its AppleTV set-top box... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Patents Projector Headsets

    Forget big screen HD televisions. If a recently discovered patent from Microsoft is anything to go by, the future of video game displays might be a device you strap on your head. Patent Bolt has dug up plans for two types of projector eyewear filed by Microsoft back in 2010. One pair looks like sunglasses... More
  • Blog Post: LG Seeks To Block PlayStation 3 Sales

    The electronics company has a bone to pick with Sony, and the PS3 is in the crosshairs. LG and Sony aren't exactly on friendly terms at the moment. Sony has filed a number of patent infringement charges at LG, most notably targeting LG mobile phones. In return, LG is now claiming that Sony is violating... More
  • Blog Post: Zynga Moving To Patent Virtual Currency?

    On the same day that Bloomberg reported that Zynga's estimated worth has trumped Electronic Arts' stock market value, web diggers have unearthed a patent filed by Zynga back in March that if granted would give the company nefarious domain over virtual currency. Virtual currency has existed in... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Looking At Backwards Compatibility?

    The early models of the PlayStation 3 had backwards compatibility with PS2 games – a feature that was subsequently axed from newer versions of the PS3. But is Sony thinking of once again bestowing the console with backwards compatibility? A patent found by sleuths Siliconera shows that Sony has... More
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