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  • Blog Post: Hands On With Valve's Steam Machine Controller

    I remember people laughing when Valve first announced its new controller for the upcoming Steam Machine, but now that I've gotten my hands on the unit, I'm eager to take one home. For decades the two analog stick controller has been a staple of the gaming landscape, but is it really the ideal... More
  • Blog Post: Valve Reveals Fourteen Steam Machine Systems

    Valve's upcoming PC brand, Steam Machine, isn't quite a console, but the company hopes to attract consumers from that market. During a media event at CES 2014, Valve announced that it has 14 different PC manufacturers working to make systems that will run the developer's specially branded... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Sony's List Of Confirmed Third-Party Partners For PlayStation

    Sony showed a slide which showed the logos of its confirmed PlayStation 4 development partners. Here's the list. Note: This list was transcribed from a screen grab, which got a little fuzzy. I wasn't able to confirm a few logos, particularly a few that were Japanese characters. We'll be updating... More
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