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  • Blog Post: Video Shows The Mercenaries 3 We'll Never See

    Mercenaries was an awesome sandbox title that let you wreak havoc all across North Korea (and you could play as Han Solo). Mercenaries 2 was...well...it was kind of crappy. Even with the failure of the second game, it appears that Pandemic had plans for a third entry in the series, as evidenced by a... More
  • Blog Post: ‘Apocalypse Now’ Game In Development?

    Secrets are tough to keep these days, which is something that Killspace Entertainment is keenly aware of today. The studio, which comprises various Pandemic Studios, Red 5 and EALA veterans, was revealed after a bit of sleuthing from Web site Superannuation . In addition to having its existence unceremoniously... More
  • Blog Post: New Mercenaries Game Rising From Ashes Of Pandemic

    Only a week after confirming the closure of Pandemic Studios, Electronic Arts is announcing that Mercs Inc is in development at EALA. Though the new chapter in the Mercenaries franchise will be released under the Pandemic moniker, most of the 200-person staff was laid off, leaving a small core team.... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: EA Confirms Mercenaries Developer Closing

    UPDATE: EA has given us a statement confirming that Pandemic will be closing as part of the publisher's recently announced layoffs . EA says roughly 200 positions will be eliminated as part of this decision. However, a "core team" of Pandemic employees will move over to EALA along with... More
  • Blog Post: EA Unveils Saboteur Box Art

    Who doesn’t love big, polished images? Cover art usually falls into the aforementioned category, and as such is a treat to see unveiled. We think you'll agree that the official box art for Pandemic’s upcoming title The Saboteur is striking. Sticking with the stylized visuals iconic of... More
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