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  • Blog Post: Track The History Of Pac-Man Fever In New This Exists Video

    You may have heard of Bucker and Garcia’s hit song Pac-Man Fever before, or the similar Do The Donkey Kong . The novelty song actually managed to reach #9 on the Billboard top 100 soon after it released. Learn that and more in this informational video. A new This Exists video by Sam Sutherland... More
  • Blog Post: Budweiser Builds Life-Size Pac-Man Maze For Super Bowl Ad

    Bud Light recently constructed a life-sized Pac-Man maze in Los Angeles' Fashion District for an upcoming Super Bowl commercial. The ad is part of the company's Up for Whatever campaign, and if the set is any measure of things, it looks like this upcoming ad will be quite the production. According... More
  • Blog Post: University in Spain Puts Up Pac-Man Statue

    Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain has erected a Pac-Man statue as tribute to the gaming icon and the university's game development program. The sculpture is over two meters high, and the commencement ceremony was attended by the Japanese ambassador in Spain, the university's dean, and local... More
  • Blog Post: Monkey Business Headlines The Final Week Of The Super Smash Bros. Sale

    With Super Smash Bros. out next week on 3DS, Nintendo is wrapping up its final week of celebratory discounts. Donkey Kong and other classic Nintendo characters fill most of the roster. Donkey King and Diddy Kong come to the table with bananas and the following games: Donkey Kong (3DS, Wii U) - $3.49... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Announced As Fighter For Super Smash Bros.

    Nintendo has announced Pac-Man will be a fighter in the new Super Smash Bros. game, and he will have his own stage, as well. He is the newer 3D Pac-Man from the Pac-Land series. For some of his attacks, however, he turns into the classic 2D Pac-Man. We watched him throw out a pellet and then turn into... More
  • Blog Post: Stanford University Bioengineer Creates Organic Microbe-Powered Video Games

    Bioengineer Ingmar Riedel-Kruse of Stanford University has created a series of games where players control organic microbes. The games, which you can see showcased in the video below, places a collection of single-celled protozoans called paramecia in a thumbnail-sized chamber with electrode-lined edges... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Pac-Man’s Return To Platforming

    “The Pac is back!” is the message Namco Bandai wants to deliver during E3. He’s got an animated show starting soon and a companion game that seems pretty fun in a simple way. Both the game and the show are called Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. The animated show premieres on June... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX + Coming This Summer

    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is adding a plus symbol to the end of its title this Summer with a free update and some optional paid maps based on classic Namco Bandai games. The update will be free for owners of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and it will add new Achievements or Trophies and update... More
  • Blog Post: European Wii U Virtual Console Video Teases Upcoming Releases

    A trailer released on Nintendo's European YouTube channel is teasing a number of upcoming Wii U Virtual Console releases, including A Link to the Past, Street Fighter, and others. You can check out the full trailer below, but it looks like The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Pac-Man, Street Fighter... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man And Team Fortress Invade Reality

    Game modding is serious business. When video game worlds collide, all they seem to do is fight. The video game enthusiasts and junior filmmakers at Andrewmfilms put together this film about two soldiers just trying to get by in a world constantly bombarded with new video game adversaries. More
  • Blog Post: See Hotline Miami's Violent Protagonist Invade Other Games

    Hotline Miami's nameless protagonist wasn't content with just hanging out in his own game, so he decided to invade games like Pac-Man, Zelda, Street Fighter, and even a few modern games. The video comes from YouTube user PulpitPower . You can check out the video below, and read our review of... More
  • Blog Post: Ohio State University Marching Band Performs Impressive Video Game Medley

    During last night's Ohio State versus Nebraska football game, the marching band performed an impressive medley featuring Pokémon, Mario, Tetris and more all with accompanying on-field patterns. It wasn't all Nintendo games. The marching band also played Halo's memorable track and portrayed... More
  • Blog Post: What If Pac-Man Battled Mario?

    It's late, the kids are in bed. Why not watch a really strange gaming video? Maybe the kids aren't in bed. Let them watch too. Maybe you don't have kids. Whatever your kid situation, watch this video...or don't. You don't have to please us. Hey Nintendo, we would play this game. Why... More
  • Blog Post: Pac-Man Survey Points To New Art Direction

    A survey recently appeared on Pac-Man's Facebook page asking fans pick a new art direction for the renowned franchise. I'm partial to the D option myself. We're not sure what the yellow man with a mouth that takes up three-quarters of his face is up to, but he is one of video games' most... More
  • Blog Post: Soulcalibur V Updates Coming Soon

    New updates are coming to Soulcalibur V soon that will add more customization parts and combat adjustments. The title update coming March 21 will tweak the battle system, and balance the moves for all the characters. Namco Bandai is promising more than 240 updates in total with this patch. On April 3... More
  • Blog Post: Touch My Katamari Getting Awesome-Looking Pac-Man DLC

    The PlayStation Vita debut of Katamari Damacy is about to receive an update featuring a classic Namco character. Andriasang reports that a Pac-Man mission will be coming to Touch My Katamari as downloadable content. There's no info on pricing or if the content will be coming to North America for... More
  • Blog Post: Gary Garcia Of "Pac-Man Fever" Fame Passes Away

    Gary Garcia, who helped bring gaming to the mainstream via music, passed away on Thursday at his home in Florida. Before singing geeky songs about video games was cool, the duo Buckner and Garcia paved the way with "Pac-Man Fever" in the early '80s. That hit, along with several of the group's... More
  • Blog Post: Father and Son Reenact Pac-Man

    Can’t get your kids to eat their sugar? Try drawing a maze on the floor and scattering marshmallows across it. It works for this father son team. We want this due to perform Heavy Rain next. [Source: Joystiq ] More
  • Blog Post: The Ghosts Are Hungry In Pac-Man The Musical

    Did you feel like the original Pac-Man arcade game lacked a musical number? Well you’re in luck, because Pac-Man the Musical has finally arrived. Better late than never. YouTube production channel Random Encounters recently posted this Pac-Man Musical, and it’s probably the best thing we’ve... More
  • Blog Post: Run For Your Life, LEGO Pac-Man!

    At first glance, this LEGO tableau may not look that impressive, considering that it doesn't fire rubber bands or feature a motorized chainsaw . Don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity, however. If you've ever tried building your own constructions from scratch, you'll appreciate some... More
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