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  • Blog Post: Capcom Says There is a Possibility of a Resident Evil Series Reboot

    Capcom, developer of the classic zombie-shooter Resident Evil, has stated there is a probability of a reboot of the franchise. In an interview Eurogamer, Resident Evil: Revelations producer Masachika Kawata discusses possible components of an all-new reboot to the series. “If we did [go with an... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Want An Open World Metal Gear Solid?

    The trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is impressive, but do we really want to play as Snake in an open world? Obviously, we can't pass judgement on the game until we've been able to play it, nor can we make assumptions about the gameplay until we have seen more of it. That being said... More
  • Blog Post: Former Mafia Developers License The Crytek Engine For New Open-world RPG

    A group of developers whose credits include the two Mafia games recently left 2k Czech to form Warhorse Studios. The company has begun work on its first game, an open-world RPG using the Crytek engine. Along with Mafia, the developers' credits also include Operation Flashpoint. Warhorse Studios also... More
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