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  • Blog Post: Project Spark Open Beta Launches

    If you've been curious about Microsoft's Project Spark, a unique set of game creation tools that will empower Xbox One users to build their own games, you can now get in on the open beta. Previously, you needed a beta invite code to participate, but now you can freely download the Project Spark... More
  • Blog Post: Company of Heroes 2 Beta Available, Allows You To Keep Your Progress

    Squeaking in during the last weeks before launch, Relic has announced that the open beta for Company of Heroes 2 will run from today until June 18. The beta introduces players to six of the game’s maps and will offer competitive and co-operative modes for testing. The first 45 levels of the game’s... More
  • Blog Post: Medal Of Honor Warfighter Open Beta Arrives This Weekend

    Electronic Arts revealed today that the new Medal of Honor Warfighter open beta is only days away from launch. Available only on Xbox 360, the new beta will feature the new multiplayer mode called Hotspot, in which players defend different points scattered around the Sarajevo Stadium map that’s... More
  • Blog Post: Bloodline Champions Now In Open Beta

    Funcom is inviting anyone and everyone to play the open beta of the upcoming PC action/RTS, effective today. Gamers who pre-order Bloodline Champions get some exclusive bonuses for this pre-release phase of the game as well. Bloodline Champions is an interesting take on DotA-like action/RTS combat. Instead... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Coming Tomorrow!

    UPDATE: Thankfully, Square Enix has fixed whatever bugs that delayed yesterday's launch of its FF XIV open beta to its satisfaction, and has announced that the open beta will commence tomorrow at 2 PM (GMT). Head over to the site for more . ORIGINAL STORY: The sky is falling! Developer Square Enix... More
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