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  • Blog Post: Watch This Trailer For The Fan-Made Halo Helljumper Miniseries

    With no real Halo movie in the near future, devotees of Microsoft's flagship series can watch a fan-made miniseries beginning in January. The project, called Halo Helljumper , is an episodic series set in the Halo universe, and judging from the trailer below, the production values are surprisingly... More
  • Blog Post: Casualties Of Reach: Cabela's North American Adventures

    It's not easy being a game developer. You slave for months to craft the most epic hunting game yet, and Microsoft stomps all over your glory by popping out another Halo game on the same day. Luckily, the gents over at Mega64 are here to give Cabela's North American Adventures -- the other "final... More
  • Blog Post: Be A Hero With Bungie, Aid Haiti Relief Operations

    PopCap gave all proceeds from purchases made on their site yesterday to a Haiti relief organization in a generous single-day event. In case you missed it, Bungie is offering another solution for gamers looking to help. Bungie is currently offering a special edition of their Superintendent tee. If you... More
  • Blog Post: First WCG Halo 3: ODST Tourney Set For This Weekend

    What are you doing this weekend? Maybe you're planning to sit back and destroy the competition in Halo 3: ODST. If that's what's on your agenda, why not take a gaming road trip? If you're in the New York area, you can swing by the World Cyber Games event being held and watch 24 of the... More
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