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  • Blog Post: OC Remix Mega Man Album Available For Free Streaming

    To celebrate Mega Man's 25th Anniversary, OC Remix and Capcom have teamed up to release an album that honors the Blue Bomber's legacy. Stretched across 2 disks and 21 tracks, the album features remixed songs from the first games in the original Mega Man, X, ZX, Legends, Battle Network and Star... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Final Fantasy VI-Inspired OC ReMix Album Out Now For Free

    Last fall OC ReMix launched a Kickstarter project to produce a 5-disc album filled with 74 songs from 74 different artists dedicated to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo. The initial goal of $30,000 was smashed quickly and the project eventually pulled in $153,633. Backers received... More
  • Blog Post: New Majora's Mask Track At OC ReMix

    A newcomer to OverClocked ReMix has published a nice, mellow remix of Majora's Mask's Astral Observatory theme. David Enterlein (anterroir) is a new contributor to OC ReMix. His mix, " Shikashi's Dream ," is a piano and synth arrangement of the Astral Observatory theme from The... More
  • Blog Post: Popular OC ReMix Artist Creates Okami Track

    Halc, one of OverClocked ReMix's most popular and prolific artists, has remixed "Ushiwaka's Appearance" from the Okami soundtrack. Ushiwaka, also known as just "Waka," is a mysterious character whose full identity is an end-of-game spoiler in the critically-acclaimed action... More
  • Blog Post: New OC ReMix Track Mixes Final Fantasy's Liberi Fatali And One Winged Angel

    Remixer Kevin Penkin reconstructs two famous Final Fantasy pieces in the new OC ReMix track, "Duel of the Blades." The popular video game music remix site, OC ReMix, has approved several mixes based on the incredibly famous "One Winged Angel" song originally from Final Fantasy VII... More
  • Blog Post: OC ReMix Releases 35th Arrangement Album Based On Original Final Fantasy

    OverClocked ReMix , known for its high-quality, free-to-download video game music remixes, has released a new arrangement album, Final Fantasy: Random Encounter. The album pays tribute to the original Final Fantasy game and features the work of 20 different artists Random Encounter is a 21-track album... More
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