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  • Blog Post: Cover Reveal: Dead Island: Riptide, Fuse, Beyond, Metro: Last Light & Ni No Kuni

    For our August issue, we released five separate covers featuring games from our E3 Hot 50 list. Massive franchises like God of War, Splinter Cell, and Resident Evil graced those covers, but we're doing something a bit different for our November issue. You've heard all about upcoming blockbusters... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Mickey Coming Exclusively To Wii

    We were trying to save this nugget for when the magazine hits this coming Monday, but it seems the rumor mill has gotten out of control and it is time to put it in its place. Disney Epic Mickey is indeed a Wii Exclusive. If there is another version in the works out there for another system, we certainly... More
  • Blog Post: “Epic” November Issue Revealed

    The rumors have been flying for months. From the outrageous (some actually thought we were bought by Disney, which was quite funny), to the right on (our forums pieced together all the clues from the last issue), the time has come to lay all rumors to rest. The November cover is indeed, Disney Epic Mickey... More
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