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  • Blog Post: Hello Games Sheds More Light On Multiplayer For No Man's Sky

    No Man's Sky from Hello Games is an ambitious title filled with planetary exploration, and the developer says that a "more traditional" multiplayer experience is also in the works. Speaking to Gamespot , Hello Games' co-founder Sean Murray talks about how the game will evolve post-release... More
  • Blog Post: Evolve Wins Game Critics Award For Best Of Show

    Thirty-nine publications have submitted their ballots, and the results are in. The Game Critics Best of E3 2014 Awards have been announced. Turtle Rock’s Evolve takes home the Best of Show award (coincidentally, it was our winner for the same accolade ). Evolve also came away with three other awards... More
  • Blog Post: Hello Games Not Ruling Out No Man’s Sky On Other Consoles

    Hello Games and Sony surprised fans during E3 with the announcement that No Man’s Sky, the procedurally generated space exploration adventure, will be coming to PlayStation 4. Yesterday, the studio hinted that the title might blast off on other consoles. The studio responded to a fan’s inquiry... More
  • Blog Post: No Man’s Sky Coming To PlayStation 4 [Trailer Added]

    Today’s E3 press conference brought the news that No Man’s Sky will be playable on PlayStation 4 in addition to its formerly announced appearance on PC. A video demonstration of the game showed the player moving through a fantastical alien world filled with jungles and dinosaurs, only to... More
  • Blog Post: Post-Flood Report From Hello Games

    The city of Guildford flooded on Christmas Eve, which meant that the office of Hello Games (the studio behind Joe Danger and the upcoming No Man's Sky ) was partially underwater . It wasn't immediately clear how the damage would affect the studio's development efforts, but now Hello Games... More
  • Blog Post: Hello Games Offices Suffer Flood On Christmas Eve

    Last night, Hello Games tweeted that it had suffered a flood at its Guildford, UK office. No one was hurt, according to the studio, but the property, office equipment and PCs, and personal affects have been lost. The flood was apparently caused by a river breaking through its banks. According to the... More
  • Blog Post: Hello Games Creates A New Universe With Sci-Fi Adventure No Man's Sky

    Hello Games is putting away the comical dirtbike races of Joe Danger , and tackling something brand new. At tonight's VGX (formerly Video Game Awards), the studio showed off the first trailer of its procedurally generated space exploration title No Man's Sky. The trailer shows off undersea, land... More
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