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  • Blog Post: Roundabout Spins Onto Xbox One This Friday

    No Goblin’s looping limo lunacy, Roundabout, has a release date on Xbox One. The title, which features campy live-action scenes and amusingly bloody gameplay is the first from Dan Teasdale’s new studio. Teasdale departed Gunstringer and Splosion Man studio Twisted Pixel in mid-2013, so you... More
  • Blog Post: Take No Goblin’s Goofy Spinning Limo Game Roundabout For A Test Drive

    Roundabout is an easy game to explain. You’re a limousine driver that “does donuts” as you deliver your clients to their destinations. OK. Let’s take a step back, because the “does donuts” part might need some exploration. You see, Georgio Manos has a unique style... More
  • Blog Post: No Goblins' Roundabout Coming To Xbox One

    No Goblin, the studio founded by Dan Teasdale with artist Panzer after his departure from Twisted Pixel , has announced some new details on its first title. Roundabout , which puts players behind the wheel of a spinning limousine, will be coming to Xbox One. The title will be playable for press at a... More
  • Blog Post: No Goblin Studio Formed Under Former Twisted Pixel Dev Dan Teasdale

    Strip away elves, orcs, and giant robots (both fast and lumbering), and what's left? That's the question that the newly formed No Goblin studio will answer with its games. In April, we reported that Twisted Pixel's Dan Teasdale was departing the Splosion Man and Gunstringer studio. Teasdale... More
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