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  • Blog Post: This Is What Happens When Mario And Yoshi Swap Places

    Sure, you think you've been treating Yoshi pretty well, but we bet you've actually been taking him for granted for a long time. This is what happens when Yoshi and Mario play Trading Places . Dorkly put together this silly video of Mario and Yoshi taking a page out of the The Prince and the Pauper... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Got You Into Pokémon?

    The Pokémon brand turns 20 years old this month. While that makes me feel extremely old (I'm feeling super nostalgic just looking at the Red and Blue boxarts), that also made me realize that in those 20 years, there have been a ton of potential points of entry for fans of the series. For me... More
  • Blog Post: All Of Your Amiibos Will Have Use In Pokken Tournament

    The upcoming Pokémon fighting game, Pokken Fighter, has something special in store for Amiibo hunters. The game is going to put your entire collection to use. No, you won’t get to pit Tom Nook against Pikachu. There is another fighting game for that kind of matchup. Instead, Amiibos will... More
  • Blog Post: These Game Gear Illustrations Deserve To Be On A Shirt

    What if game worlds existed beyond the tiny screens in front of us? Earlier this month, illustrator Alex Griendling composed this sweet looking Game Boy design. My #gameboy illustration for today's @VectorDailies ! #VectorDailies pic.twitter.com/qBSPYqZNiT — Alex Griendling (@alexgriendling... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon's Original Creators Reminisce About 20 Years And Broken Computers

    As part of The Pokémon Company's celebration of 20 years of pocket monsters, it has released a pair of videos interviewing those who have been there since the beginning. Below, you will find a video with Junichi Masuda, a Pokémon game director who started as a programmer and sound designer... More
  • Blog Post: Find Out Which Amiibos Are Most Popular In Your Country

    In a recent presentation that Nintendo gave to its investors, the company revealed it had shipped approximately 31 million Amiibos worldwide. The first wave of Amiibos was released in November 2014, with a total of 80 Amiibo types that have been released in Japan so far. According to Nintendo's report... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Kart And Pokémon Retain Dominance On Best-Selling Wii U, 3DS Lists

    With the release of its third-quarter financial report today, Nintendo has also updated its list of best-selling Wii U and 3DS software. While the lists didn't shift greatly, there are some up-and-comers that Nintendo may eye for franchise potential. We’ve included all the relevant information... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Profits Down 30 Percent After Holiday Quarter, 20 Million Amiibos Sold

    Nintendo has reported its financial performance for the nine months ending December 31, 2015. The company shows a slight dip in revenue, with profits down significantly compared to last year. The publisher is still comfortably in positive territory despite a 31.9 percent fall in profits to ¥40.6... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario Maker's Online Undergoes Server Maintanence

    Nintendo has announced that all the network functionality of Super Mario Maker will be down until tomorrow. According to the company, the outage for server maintenance will last until tomorrow, January 28 at 7 PM central time. Until then you're still free to enjoy any of the game's offline features... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Games Do You Regret Missing Out On?

    You ever have a game that everybody wouldn't stop talking about and then when you finally got around to playing it, for whatever reason, you couldn't even make that much progress? It hadn't aged well. It was overrated. Something about it rubbed you the wrong way. So on, so forth. I've... More
  • Blog Post: Sega 3D Classics Collection Coming To 3DS In America

    Sega has been busy the last year or so updating classic titles to support the three-dimensional capabilities of Nintendo's 3DS , then releasing them digitally. A plethora of these 3D Classics are now being gathered together for physical release in the Sega 3D Classics Collection, Sega announced today... More
  • Blog Post: New Animal Crossing Amiibos In March

    Nintendo has announced a new wave of Animal Crossing Amiibos for March as well as the fact that Digby can be bought as a standalone figure. Timmy & Tommy (one figure), Kapp'n, and Rover will be available on March 18 (Amiibos are not pictured). Also coming in March are the previously announced... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS XL, Three-Game Bundle Announced

    A special edition of the *New* Nintendo 3DS XL featuring Fire Emblem Fates artwork will be released on February 19. There's a catch: neither Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest or Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright will be bundled with the 3DS. The console retails for $199.99, and you'll have your choice... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft: Story Mode Hits Wii U This Week

    Telltale Games' highly lauded The Walking Dead series appeared on most systems, but never made its way to Wii U. In fact, none of Telltale's games have been on Nintendo's console. That changes on January 21, when the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode hits the Nintendo eShop. Retailing... More
  • Blog Post: Pokkén Tournament Lands In March, First Run Copies Come With Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card

    Pokkén Tournament has a release date in North America. Nintendo has announced that the game will drop in March for Wii U. The Bandai Namco-developed Pokémon fighting game was released in Japanese arcades last year. First run copies of the home version will come with an Amiibo card featuring... More
  • Blog Post: Bayonetta 2 Will Be Available By Itself At Retail In February

    Since its release in September 2014, Bayonetta 2 has been sold with a port of the original. Its price hasn’t budged much since then, but that’s about to change. Beginning on February 19, Nintendo will begin selling Bayonetta 2 by itself. You’ll be able to pick up a boxed copy of the... More
  • Blog Post: Metroid: Zero Mission Coming To Wii U Soon

    Metroid: Zero Mission is zooming its way to the Wii U's Virtual Console tomorrow. The game will be available to purchase for $7.99. Zero Mission is a remake of the original Nintendo Metroid that was released for Gameboy Advance, sticking players in the suit of bounty hunter Samus Aran as she takes... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon Red, Blue, And Yellow Arrive In February As Part Of 20th Anniversary

    This year marks Pokémon's 20th anniversary, and the year is filled with festivities for fans. To celebrate Pikachu and company, The Pokémon Company has a long list of events planned. In November, Nintendo announced that the original trio of Game Boy Pokémon games is coming to... More
  • Blog Post: Wild Gunman, Adventures Of Bayou Billy, And Hogan's Alley All Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    Two NES shooters and a New Orleans swamp adventure are now available on the Wii U Virtual Console. Hogan's Alley and Wild Gunman are Nintendo-developed games, but The Adventures of Bayou Billy is a beat 'em up, shooter, racing, adventure game starring Bayou Billy from Konami. They're $4.99... More
  • Blog Post: Realistic Pokémon Artist Teases Us With Ninetales

    The latest masterpiece from Pokémon artist RJ Palmer features the golden fox with a fan of tales. As you can see in the photo below (and above), Ninetales plays nice with a pre-evolved Vulpix. Can you spot some of the other Easter eggs hidden in the photo? For more impressive work from Palmer... More
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