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  • Blog Post: Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, And Pokémon Were Nintendo's Best Selling Games Last Quarter

    Along with the full-year financial report released yesterday , Nintendo has updated its list of ten best-selling software titles. The past three months saw very little shifting in the ranks, though the Wii U and 3DS lists tell very different stories. With the exception of the last two spots switching... More
  • Blog Post: Wii U Review Round-Up

    The Wii U is here, and along with it comes video games. And along with those video games come our opinions about which ones are worth your time. Check out all of our Wii U reviews and their corresponding Test Chamber videos where applicable below, and get ready for even more as we're able to spend... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber - Nintendo Land

    After spending time with Nintendo Land for our review , I thought it would be fun to rally some of the GI troops and play some of my favorite attractions. Of course, this lead to the competitive modes, where the hunt was on in Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Animal Crossing Sweet Day. We... More
  • Blog Post: Three New Nintendo Land Attractions Detailed

    Nintendo revealed details about the final three attractions in the Wii U launch title Nintendo Land. Below are the names and details for each per Nintendo: - Yoshi’s Fruit Cart : Using the GamePad touch screen and stylus, the player draws a path for the Yoshi Cart to follow through each course... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Land Could Possibly Come Bundled With Wii U

    Even with Nintendo’s focus on the Wii U during this year’s E3, there are many questions we still don’t know the answers to regarding the upcoming console. The publisher still isn’t ready to announce a price point or specific launch date, and we don’t know what the retail... More
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