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  • Blog Post: Iwata: Wii Sports Club Could Come Out Via Retail

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently revealed that Wii Sports Club – the HD remakes of the original Wii Sports activities – could see a retail release. In a Q&A following a second-quarter financial results briefing, Iwata talked about the company's pricing strategy when it comes... More
  • Blog Post: Original Wii Sports Games Return In HD

    Nintendo's decision to include Wii Sports for free with the Wii really helped consumers understand its then-new motion controls and propel the console to unbelievable heights. Now the five sports from that game are back in HD and with other new features in tow. The game's bowling, tennis, baseball... More
  • Blog Post: Etrian Odyssey Untold Demo Available On eShop

    JRPG fans are likely looking forward to Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl 's October 1 release date, but they won't have to wait until next month to start their playthrough. A demo of the 3DS title is now available in the 3DS eShop, and all progress can be transferred to the full game... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Reveals Virtual Console Summer Promotion

    The Nintendo eShop is getting an influx of classic titles this summer through a new promotion. Starting today and ending July 24, you can download Super Mario Land for $2.99. Additionally, from July 5-August 1, Nintendo is releasing two new virtual console tiles each week. Some of the titles include... More
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