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  • Blog Post: Send Us Your Nintendo 64 Questions And Comments For The GI Show Podcast

    We love the Nintendo 64, and we're confident several Game Informer Show podcast listeners/viewers grew up with an appreciation for the console as well. This week on the GI Show podcast we'll be talking all about the Nintendo 64, and would love for you to join in the conversation. A few weeks... More
  • Blog Post: Silver Mario Amiibo In Stores This Month, Not A Retailer Exclusive

    If you happened to miss out on the gold Mario Amiibo earlier this year, you still have a chance for second place. The silver variant will be arriving in stores in just a couple of weeks. Nintendo says the metallic Mario will be headed to stores on May 29. He offers the same functionality as the Super... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: New Mario Kart 8 DLC Drops Today

    Have you been pining for some new Mario Kart 8 content? You're in luck. The next DLC featuring Animal Crossing is available today. The second DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 features eight new tracks, four new carts, and three new drivers. Don't miss out on your chance to put Animal Crossing characters... More
  • Blog Post: Learn Why Capcom Never Pursued Monster Hunter On Xbox 360 Or PlayStation 3

    Monster Hunter is a hugely popular series outside of America ( though it is gaining in popularity ), and Did You Know Gaming recently took a look at some of the game's more obscure factoids. The video below details why the game is structured the way it is, and how a street-cook cat is Chinese in... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Bandai Namco, Sega, And Capcom Mash-Up Project X Zone Getting A Sequel

    Update: Project X Zone will be making its way to North America. You can check out the English version of the trailer directly below. For North America, the game is apparently losing the Brave New World subtitle and will also be releasing in fall of this year, just like the Japanese version. Original... More
  • Blog Post: Yoshi Touch & Go And WarioWare Touched! DS Titles Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    As promised earlier this month , DS games are making their way to the Wii U Virtual Console. This week sees the release of Yoshi Touch & Go and WarioWare Touched! Each game is available for $9.99 and can now be played on the Wii U. Another DS title, Mario Kart DS, will also become available this... More
  • Blog Post: Learn How Zelda Met Game Of Thrones In This Delightful Fan Video

    We're probably not getting a The Legend of Zelda Netflix show anytime soon, but we can still dream. Just a few days ago , YouTuber Megasteakman and his friends animated a likely intro for a The Legend of Zelda show, in the vein of Game of Thrones. Now you can learn how that slick video was made in... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Discounts Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 7, Other Titles In Spring Sale

    Nintendo is having a sale on its website for digital versions of some of its big titles. The markdowns aren't huge, with most discounts being between $5 and $10, but there are definitely some very high-quality games, including Pikmin 3, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Kart 7, Kirby: Triple... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Speeds Up Code Name: Steam With New Update

    Intelligent Systems' goofy strategy title has gotten a much-needed improvement thanks to a new update. When associate editor Kimberley Wallace reviewed Code Name: Steam last month, she praised the 3DS game's wacky cast (which mixes historical and fictional characters including Abraham Lincoln... More
  • Blog Post: Lucas Comparison Video Shows The Newly Announced Smash Bros. Character Then And Now

    Earlier in the week, we shared with you Master0fHyrule’s Mewtwo comparison . The video put the Pokémon’s Melee moves up against the latest video showing how it will fight in the Wii U and 3DS versions. Now, the Smash sensei is back with another comparison. This time out, we get to... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Introduces Amiibo Cards With Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

    Amiibo cards, along with Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, will be releasing this Fall. Three cards have been introduced, each portraying an Animal Crossing character, including Isabelle, Peanut, and Goose. These are basically amiibos in card form, and will be usable with the Nintendo 3DS for the... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS Games Coming To Wii U Virtual Console

    In today's Nintendo Direct, the company revealed that the Wii U virtual console will be getting titles from the N64 and Nintendo DS library. When playing DS games on your Wii U, you have multiple layout options. The two screens may be split across your TV screen and Wii U Gamepad in some cases. In... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Earn Club Nintendo Coins

    If you've got unregistered games or incomplete quizzes, tomorrow is the last day to earn some Club Nintendo coins for them. It will not, however, be the last day to redeem the coins for Nintendo goodies. Other upcoming Club Nintendo closure milestones include May 1 being the last members can earn... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Imagines The Star Fox Team As Drawn By Hanna-Barbera

    Update: Jonas has released some new versions of their Star Fox/Hanna-Barbera crossover. Now you can find a version of the piece without Krystal (for the purists), as well as a larger version ready-made to adorn your desktop background. Also, just for the purists, here's a version of the pic without... More
  • Blog Post: New Mario Party 10 Amiibos Are A Different Scale Than The Original Line

    The new line of Super Mario Amiibos have made it into our office, and we were surprised to see the disparity in scale between the new and the old. You can check out a collection of pictures below showing off the new Amiibos and how they differ in size. The Mario Party 10 Amiibos are much larger. For... More
  • Blog Post: Wil Wheaton Joins Voice Cast Of Nintendo's Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

    The for Star Trek: The Next Generation actor will be cast as a historic figure in Nintendo's new strategy game. Today, Nintendo's official Twitter account tweeted: ". @wilw spotting! Wil Wheaton lends his talents to #CodeNameSTEAM for #3DS as the voice of the great Abe Lincoln." The... More
  • Blog Post: New Iwata Asks Panel Features Majora's Mask 3D

    Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata has returned with a new installment of the Iwata Asks series, this time focusing on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D for the 3DS. Iwata sits down with some of the people involved in the game , including series producer Eiji Aonuma, talking about the original... More
  • Blog Post: Fan Creates Functional Custom Paper Mario Amiibos

    DeviantArt user NBros has created a pair of Paper Mario-inspired custom Amiibos that we're hoping Nintendo decides to make its own official versions of someday. It's a very simple, but also very effective design, which unsurprisingly is a good way to describe the Paper Mario video games'... More
  • Blog Post: Club Nintendo’s Final Rewards Include Big Games For A Pittance

    The last wave of Club Nintendo rewards has hit the program website, and the offerings are plentiful. While there are certainly some gems among the physical rewards, the digital offerings are worth your time. You might have some trouble logging in, as the new slate of rewards are proving quite popular... More
  • Blog Post: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Has New Live-Action Commercial

    A new TV spot for the Majora's Mask remake has a cool retro vibe. The commercial, which was posted by Nintendo's UK branch, definitely takes you back to the old days, right down to the portenteous voiceovers and music. The game releases in the U.S. on February 13 (Friday the 13th). [Source: VG247... More
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