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  • Blog Post: Report: Microsoft Internal Memo: Offline Gaming Should 'Just Work'

    In what may finally lay to rest the pernicious "always online" rumor, Microsoft has sent an internal memo to staff that addresses the oft-speculated upon feature. According to the missive, features including single-player gaming and Blu-ray playback will "just work" regardless of... More
  • Blog Post: Next Xbox Reveal Set For May 21

    [Update #2] Major Nelson has posted a countdown to the event on his blog . He also states that the event will be about the "vision for Xbox," while E3 (a scant 19 days later) will be the showcase for the "full lineup of blockbuster games." [Update #1 ] We just received our invitation... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer Readers Voice Overwhelming Disapproval For "Always-On" Xbox

    The Game Informer reader polls that appear on the front page are often very revealing about our readership. For instance, I would like the 50 percent of you who never played Mega Man 2 to stop what you're doing and go take care of that. I'll wait. Now that you're back (how long did it take... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Microsoft Gearing Up Xbox Reveal Three Weeks Before E3

    While rumors about the "features" of Microsoft's next generation hardware seem to be converging around one or two ideas (including a required internet connection at all times ), the date at which we'll know for certain is a moving target . Last rumored to be taking place at the end... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Next Xbox Codename Has Leaked

    Kotaku published a report earlier today, citing "multiple sources close to the project," that the next Xbox has been codenamed "Durango." Codenaming consoles is common practice in the game industry, and -- even if the rumor is true -- there is no chance that "Durango" would... More
  • Blog Post: Next Xbox Rumors Inbound [Update]

    [Update] : A new report from Kotaku this morning says industry sources claim the next Xbox will play Blu-ray discs, may not play used games, and will ship with the next iteration of Kinect. Kotaku said Microsoft may implement some sort of anti-used games system for its next console, which could include... More
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