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  • Blog Post: A Corgi Gun? XCOM 2 Mod Support Is Working As Intended

    XCOM 2 is out today, and modders are already starting to flex their muscles. You can add submachine guns to your arsenal. A Muton Centurion enemy type can show up and give your squad trouble with another user-created add-on. Oh, and then there’s a corgi gun. The ACORG-47 transforms your weapon... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Sales Down, Profits Up Nine Months Into Fiscal Year

    Sega continues to readjust its corporate profile, as the mobile market, as well as the gambling in environment in Japan continue to change. The company posted reduced sales, but notes a turnaround in profits that should carry through to the end of the year. For the nine months ending December 31, 2015... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Steam Lunar New Year Sale Running Now Through February 12

    Steam sales are becoming sentient. For the winter sale, we were encouraged to look daily at our recommendation queues. This time out, Valve has a new way to connect us with games we might not even know we want yet. The Steam Lunar New Year sale runs today through February 12. And if you’re not... More
  • Blog Post: Bethesda’s Todd Howard To Receive GDC Lifetime Achievement Award

    When Todd Howard took the stage at Bethesda’s first E3 press conference in June 2015, the atmosphere was electric. Fallout 4 had just been announced, and Howard was about to show it to press and a worldwide audience of fans via livestream. Fallout 4 is only the latest ambitious role-playing game... More
  • Blog Post: H1Z1 Splitting Into Two Games, Console Versions Confirmed

    Daybreak has announced major changes for its open-world, zombie survival game, H1Z1. The studio has been on parallel development paths with two core concepts, the sandbox survival game and a battle royale mode. Those are now splitting into two separate early access products. The two games, H1Z1: Just... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Pushing VR Development Forward With Unreal Engine VR Editor

    Epic has some big plans for GDC next month in San Francisco. The developer behind one of the most widely-used game engines, Unreal Engine, is showing off its early work designed to make virtual reality creation more intuitive. In a new video, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and shows off how Unreal Engine’s... More
  • Blog Post: Square Celebrates Portal App's Birthday With Free Final Fantasy II Download

    Square Enix has send out a note that fans of the classic Final Fantasy series might find interesting. The company's Final Fantasy Portal App has been around for a year now, and players can download Final Fantasy II (that's Japanese numbering, so don't to see expect Cecil or Rydia a la U.S... More
  • Blog Post: Dave Mirra, Pro BMX Rider And Inspiration For Freestyle BMX Games, Dead At 41

    Dave Mirra, a highly-decorated BMX athlete and one of the best to ever appear in the X-Games, has died at age 41. Mirra was prominent in the gaming world for Acclaim-published Freestyle BMX games. According to reports, Mirra was found dead in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina. He was discovered... More
  • Blog Post: Clueless Gamer Returns With A Super Bowl Showdown: Doom Edition

    In what's becoming a Super Bowl tradition , Conan O'Brien met up with a couple of NFL players in advance of the big game for some gaming where the stakes are considerably lower. This year, he's joined by Von Miller from the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman as they... More
  • Blog Post: Undertale Dev Courted For Wii U Port, Help Offered To Make It Happen

    Undertale was one of 2015’s biggest surprises , blending throwback visuals, a quirky narrative, and a twist on turn-based RPG combat. As of now, it’s only on PC, though it isn’t resource intensive and compatible with a wide range of specs. Yesterday, developer Toby Fox noted on Twitter... More
  • Blog Post: A Halo 5 Spartan Gets Shot In The Head After Being Assassinated

    This is a tragic day for his family. After watching DefendTheHouse explore the crazy things that can happen in Halo, head here for their Titanfall and Grand Theft Auto V videos, or watch the actual Mythbusters tackle the first person conventions of Doom. More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussions: What Still Annoys You About The Xbox One And PlayStation 4?

    The most recent round of video game consoles are some of the most impressive pieces of tech gamers have gotten their hands on (insert PC snobbery here), but that doesn't mean that the PS4 and the Xbox One are perfect. What bugs you most about them? We recently shared some of our complaints about... More
  • Blog Post: Customize Your Xbox One Elite Controller's Colors With ColorWare

    Microsoft's premium Xbox One Elite controller ships with an eye-pleasing matte black finish with metallic silver details. However, those conservative colors might not be how everyone wants to express themselves via their gamepads. Thankfully, third-party manufacturer ColorWare allows players to color... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Hemsworth Joins The Rest Of The Ghostbusters Cast In Solo Set Shots

    Last month, Sony Pictures gave us our first look at the new Ghostbusters decked out in jumpsuits and proton packs . Today, we get to see the ladies in more casual attire. In the shots below, you can check out Patty (Leslie Jones), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Abby (Melissa McCarthy), and Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon... More
  • Blog Post: The Flame In The Flood's Twangy, Soulful Soundtrack Available Now

    When you imagine a young man floating down the river on a makeshift skiff through the wilds of America while fending for himself, you might imagine the determined Tom Sawyer. Alongside the image of Mark Twain's iconic character, the gentle sounds of an acoustic guitar played by a southern string... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid V Characters Infiltrate Fallout 4's Wasteland In New Mod

    The world of Fallout 4 mods is as wild as it is woolly , but a recent, down-to-earth fan creation inserts some of last year's most memorable characters into Fallout 4's Commonwealth. Intrepid Fallout 4 modder Akiba91 has made it possible for MGSV fans to put Snake, Quiet, and Skullface into their... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light's 'Be The Zombie' Mode Infects The Following's Sprawling Countryside

    The expansion to Dying Light, The Following , hits next week, complete with a huge new map to face off against player-controlled monstrosities in the asymmetrical Be The Zombie multiplayer mode. This new trailer from Techland showcases what it's like to fight an insanely agile zombie with weaponized... More
  • Blog Post: Pillars Of Eternity Getting Host Of Free Improvements

    Pillars of Eternity players can pick up the White March – Part 2 expansion later in February, but regardless of if you buy it, the game will be updated with a number of new benefits. Developer Obsidian has released a video (see below for full details) outlining the contents of update 3.0, which... More
  • Blog Post: Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Leads YouTube’s January Top Trending Games

    YouTube has released a new list of trending games on the service. Two of the games on the list aren’t out yet, but had betas pushing interest to the top of the rankings. Topping the list is the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. An open beta in the middle of the month was available... More
  • Blog Post: Journey To The West Skin Pack Adds Chinese Flair To Minecraft

    Players who want to breathe a little life into their Minecraft characters are in luck. The Windows 10 Edition Beta and Pocket Edition of the game are getting new character skins based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West . The pack features more than a dozen new character skins, and it's available... More
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