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  • Blog Post: The Legend Of Zelda Re-imagined As Studio Ghibli Movie Posters

    The Legend of Zelda series and Studio Ghibli's animated films are among the most celebrated works to come out of Japan, but what if the two properties came together? Illustrator Matt Vince uses that hypothesis as the basis for movie posters that prove the collaboration would be a match made in heaven... More
  • Blog Post: Video Games Live Performer Flute Link Parodies Macklemore In "Clocktown"

    The residents of Majora’s Mask’s Clock Town may be a bunch of weirdos, and maybe a little depressed, but a new music video parody of Macklemore’s “Downtown” is poised to inject a little positivity into their beat. Video Games Live performer and professional vocalist Laura... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion - Did You Score Any Great Black Friday Deals?

    Now that the turkey is carved, the pumpkin pie devoured, and those charming relatives on their way home, it’s time to focus on the deals. It’s Black Friday, and there’s a good chance you’ve already completed your shopping. The stores were open early this morning, and online vendors... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout 4 Hero Dresses Up As One-Punch Man To Wallop Deathclaws, Ghouls, And Raiders

    Fallout 4's wasteland has a new hero, straight from the crazy world of anime. Thanks to a fan-created costume and stat-raising console commands, One-Punch Man's yellow-clad warrior has arrived to one-shot-kill madmen and mutants across the Commonwealth. One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama... More
  • Blog Post: What We're Playing Over The Holiday Weekend

    Thanksgiving is this Thursday, providing us with a longer-than normal weekend. When we're not stuffing our faces with turkey and mingling with family members, we'll be parked in front of a TV and playing as many video games possible. Or maybe we'll just toss all that family stuff out the... More
  • Blog Post: This Robotic Wheatley Puppet Is Equal Parts Lovable And Impressive

    Many folk's reactions to Portal 2's adorably incompetent Wheatley was either "Aww" or "I want one". Prop-maker Genevieve Bee sits in the latter camp, but decided to use her considerable skills to construct her own. While not the first Wheatley replica someone has made, this... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Fan Illustrates Comic Depicting Cayde-6's Backstory

    Cayde-6, the charmingly robotic Exo and Hunter Vanguard of Destiny’s Guardians, is a (mechanical) man of many mysteries, and also voiced by geek legend Nathan Fillion. A new fan-made comic illustrates one of the character’s few anecdotes that flesh out his backstory. Created by professional... More
  • Blog Post: Tense Star Wars: Battlefront Duel Is Almost Too Funny To Believe

    Thousands upon thousands of tense confrontations between the cannon fodder of the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance have played out in the days since Star Wars: Battlefront released. The clip below captures only one of them, but boy is it one to remember. Uploaded by Nick Nixon on YouTube, the standoff... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Is Getting A $100 Physical Limited Edition Three Years After Release

    Despite releasing three years ago, and its creator Phil Fish announcing his departure from game development while canceling the game's sequel – Fez is getting a re-release. This special, limited edition version of the game is $100, releases December 18, and features packaging designed by Phil... More
  • Blog Post: Smash Through A Winter Wonderland In Rocket League's Newest DLC

    It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but Rocket League developer Psyonix is already bringing the winter holiday cheer in a newly announced event. Players can expect to get a few slapshots in with the “Winter Games” event and “Snow Day" Mutator. As part of the free event, Psyonix... More
  • Blog Post: Steam ‘Exploration’ Sale Is Live Without Daily And Flash Deals

    It’s not surprising that Valve is delivering a huge slate of discounts for Black Friday. But this time out, things are a little different. The Exploration Sale, which runs through Tuesday, December 1, at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern is missing a regular piece of the deal puzzle. This time out... More
  • Blog Post: Lara Croft Go Gets Free Expansion, Twitch Event, And Flash Sale

    Lara Croft Go is getting a free update for Thanksgiving. The Shard of Life expansion lands November 26 and introduces 26 new puzzles to Lara's entertaining mobile adventure . Shard of Life takes place in the new Cave of Fire and boasts new treasures and artifacts, as well as two additional costumes... More
  • Blog Post: The Force Awakens In Disney Infinity 3.0 Next Month

    With Star Wars: Episode VII set to conquer theaters on December 18, next month may as well be renamed "Star Wars Month." Not only are fans getting a new film, but that same day also features the release of the Force Awakens Play Set for Disney Infinity 3.0. The expansion features story and... More
  • Blog Post: Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Delayed

    Ubisoft has delayed the open beta period of Rainbow Six Siege due to technical reasons. The open beta was scheduled to start today in advance of the game's December 1 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Here's the post from the game's community manager: We're currently seeing... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus In December Serves Up Kings And Blood Dragons

    Sony has announced the six PlayStation Plus titles hitting the service in December. You’ve still got through Monday to lock in November’s titles, but you might want to do that before the turkey makes you forget. Here’s what you can look forward to on the three platforms: PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Techland Increases Price Of Dying Light Season Pass As The Following Expansion Grows

    If you’re interested in more Dying Light, you’re going to want to jump on the season pass in the next two weeks. Techland has announced that the $19.99 bundle is increasing in price by 50 percent. The company says that the upcoming The Following expansion has grown significantly since its... More
  • Blog Post: This War Of Mine Getting The Tabletop Board Game Treatment

    This War of Mine is getting a board game adaptation and its creators are calling it an, "instant-play game, with no need to read the manual before starting the adventure." The game is being made in collaboration with the original video game's developer, 11 Bit Studios, and designers Michal... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Announces Lifetime PS4 Sales Have Reached 30.2 Million

    In late October, Sony announced via its quarterly earnings report that it had shipped 29.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles to retail (as of September 30). Today, the company shares that it has hit a milestone with 30.2 million units sold to customers. This statistic pulls together sales through November... More
  • Blog Post: Civil War Comes To The Marvel Universe In First Teaser Trailer

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a path of construction. The company has assembled the greatest superhero arc ever to grace cinema. Next May, it all gets torn to pieces. The next Captain America film riffs on one of the most important storylines in Marvel Comics history: Civil War . It’s... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout 4's Mysterious Stranger Perk Music Now Available As A Ringtone

    For a stranger, gamers have gotten familiar with the enigmatic guardian of the Fallout 4 universe. Now players can carry a little piece of the Mysterious Stranger with these new ringtones based on the infamous in-game perk. The Mysterious Stranger, a perk seen throughout the Fallout franchise, spawns... More
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