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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Are you Most Looking Forward To In 2015?

    Is it a specific game? Consistent online connectivity? More Sequels? More innovative titles? After the last few days, more consistent online connectivity is certainly high on my list, but I am also looking forward to more innovative games – the kind of games that will sneak up on me and surprise... More
  • Blog Post: Hironobu Sakaguchi's Trailer For Mistwalker's Cancelled Cry On Recalls The Last Guardian

    Sad games about children interacting with gentle giants just aren't meant to be – even if when they come from the creator of Final Fantasy. Below you will find a trailer for a cancelled game from the mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series and the founder of developer... More
  • Blog Post: The Halo 5: Guardians Beta Begins Tomorrow For Master Chief Collection Owners

    For those who purchased Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the beta for Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer begins tomorrow. Xbox Live has been experiencing issues since Christmas day, but thankfully, the problems appear to have cleared up . Hopefully those issues won't reappear tomorrow when the... More
  • Blog Post: Road Rash Spiritual Successor Road Redemption Adds Shovel Knight

    Road Redemption, the Kickstarted motorcycle racer inspired by Road Rash, is adding an unconventional cyclist. Shovel Knight comes from a much different genre that the violent motorcycle racer, but he is from an independent studio like the creators of Road Redemption and he was Kickstarted, so it's... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Live And PlayStation Network Services Back Online

    Last night both Sony and Microsoft confirmed its online services were returning to normal functionality. Both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network have been experience issues since Christmas day . Nintendo's online services have been mostly unaffected. Update: PlayStation Network access is being restored... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny: Xur's Stay In The Tower Extended

    In light of recent online issues, Xur's stay in the tower this week will be extended until at least Monday night at 10 PST. Depending on how the networks look, Xur's visit could potentially last even longer. Full information from the Destiny forums - "We understand that Xur has been hard... More
  • Blog Post: What's Combat In Final Fantasy XV Going To Be Like?

    One of the big questions regarding Final Fantasy XV is “How’s the combat going to work?” MP won’t be used in the standard fashion in Final Fantasy XV to cast all those Firagas, but instead will fuel many special systems that tie into the core of combat. Kotaku has some interesting... More
  • Blog Post: A Very Game Informer Coffee Table Christmas

    Reddit user alain471 and his mom have an excellent sense of taste, as some of alain471’s Game Informer collection has been immortalized forever (well, okay, for a while) in a stylish table. Alain471 states that they will probably be placing a layer of glass over the table to keep the long term... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Games Are You Playing Over The Holidays?

    With the PSN and Xbox Live issues over the last week , what have you been playing? With travel, family gatherings, and other holiday fanfare going on during this time each year, it’s certainly possible that games might not be on the menu at all – or maybe you’ve been waiting for the... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Live And PSN Issues Plague Christmas, Some Still Ongoing

    Update 2 (12/27 9:03 CST) : Both services struggled last night, but it appears that things are slowly getting back on track. Xbox Live's service status shows it as up and running. Sony posted a tweet confirming that PSN is stabilizing and slowly coming back online. However, the service is still down... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Prolongs GTA V Online Holiday Perks Due To PSN And Xbox Live Issues

    Rockstar announced on its /twitter that the Festive Surprise Christmas day gifts will be extended due to the recent connectivity issues with PSN and Xbox Live. Outages started early yesterday. Xbox Live is mostly up and running now, but PSN is still down for many. Due to these interruptions, Rockstar... More
  • Blog Post: New ‘One Shot’ Mode Now Available For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    One Shot is a team mode that’s for snipers only. You start matches with decreased health and pick a highly-specialized class. “Each class features the MORS, a bolt-action railgun sniper, along with a variety of perks, Scorestreaks, and Exo abilities,” Sledgehammer writes in its blog... More
  • Blog Post: Download A Song From Xenoblade Chronicles X's Soundtrack

    RPG fans have been anxiously awaiting Xenoblade Chronicles X, a spiritual successor to the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles. Unfortunately, the game has been largely under wraps outside of few trailers and a live demo at this past E3. But for those who want to get into the spirit of this grand sci-fi adventure... More
  • Blog Post: Get This Adorable Rabbit Plush As A Story Of Seasons Pre-Order Bonus

    Xseed has been hard at work localizing the next Bokujō Monogatari title, Story of Seasons. As a little treat, the developer showed off one of the new animals from the popular farming sim: The Angora rabbit, who also has its own plush. Everybody loves a good video game plush, right? Check out this little... More
  • Blog Post: Three Idea Factory Games Are Coming To PC

    In a recent press release, Idea Factory International announced that three of its games are coming to Steam. The three titles are Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Re;Birth 2 Sisters Generation, and Fairy Fencer F. Both Hyperdimension games previously released on Vita, while... More
  • Blog Post: Get Sunset Overdrive For $30 Today Via Microsoft's Countdown To 2015

    Is that holiday gift card money already burning a hole in your pocket? You're in luck. Microsoft revealed the sales for December 26 for its Countdown to 2015. The best deal by far is Sunset Overdrive for $30 (that's 50 percent off!). Our own Andrew Reiner loved the game, "... Sunset Overdrive... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Video Game-Related Gifts Did You Give Or Receive?

    The holidays are bursting with generosity. Many seek the perfect gift for someone special in their life. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting something we’ve been pining for but can’t afford, like a video game or a console; other times people go to extremes to hunt down crafty video... More
  • Blog Post: Blog Herding: Community Edition 12/25/14

    As the end of the year draws near, it is common to witness an influx of blogs reflecting on pivotal games and moments from the past twelve months. There are certainly several of those featured in this latest episode of Blog Herding. Whether you're celebrating Christmas today or not, enjoy your day... More
  • Blog Post: Watch "The Interview" Today On Xbox Platforms And Other Streaming Services

    A day after more than 300 indie movie theaters announced they would show The Interview on Christmas Day, Sony has announced the film will be available for streaming rental and HD purchase starting at 10 a.m. PT today. It can be streamed from Google Play, YouTube, Xbox Video (on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Coming To Samsung Smart TV's in 2015

    Sony Computer Entertainment and Samsung Electronics are partnering to bring game streaming to Smart TV's in the first half of 2015, Sony announced today. The PlayStation Now service, which will allow TV owners to play hundreds of PlayStation 3 games streamed from the cloud, will be an app included... More
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