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  • Blog Post: Bungie’s Luke Smith Discusses Crota’s End Mistakes And Possible House Of Wolves Improvements

    Bungie game designer Luke Smith recently took to NeoGAF to offer some hints at what kind of changes are coming to Destiny in the future and for its House of Wolves DLC. In the post, which you can read here , Smith admits some mistakes like Vanguard vendor gear invalidating the effort of Vault of Glass... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Patents Anti-Piracy RFID Tech

    We’re not new to the war on piracy and used games, but it appears Sony is taking a new step for prevention. A Neogaf user found a patent application for an “Electronic Content Processing System.” Just what would this system do? It would tie game discs to specific user accounts and/or... More
  • Blog Post: NeoGAF Dudes Are Making A Game, Bro

    Virtually anyone who's been involved in the gaming industry past the level of just being a fan has probably heard of NeoGAF, a popular online forum for the most hardcore of gamers to meet and discuss the latest releases and gaming news. Thanks to a bizarre turn of events, the forum won't just... More
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