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  • Blog Post: NECA Adds Rambo To Its 8-bit Figurine Line

    NECA has just announced the newest addition to its line of 8-bit video game tribute figurines, Rambo , from the 1988 Acclaim title of the same name. This line, which has already includes figurines of Batman , Robocop , Jason Vorhees , and many more, recreates famous characters as they appeared in their... More
  • Blog Post: Say Halo To Your First Look At NECA’s Finished Master Chief Figure

    With Halo: The Master Chief Collection right around the corner, NECA is getting ready to ship its take on the series’ hero. We highlighted The Master Chief during the figure’s development , but now we have our first look at him as he’ll appear on your shelf. This figure is 18 inches... More
  • Blog Post: NECA Adds Booker DeWitt To Its BioShock Infinite Figure Collection

    Collectible manufacturer NECA has announced that its 7” scale Booker DeWitt figure will be making its way to retail this week. BioShock Infinite’s protagonist is the fourth in the series. NECA previously released Elizabeth, Boys of Silence, and Motorized Patriots. The Booker figure has 25... More
  • Blog Post: NECA's Master Chief Figurine Not Quite Finished, But Poised To Fight

    In addition to the Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to Xbox One later this fall, series fans have another Master Chief tribute to look forward to in the coming months. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, in collaboration with 343 Industries, is developing a slew of Halo merchandise... More
  • Blog Post: Halo Master Chief Helmet Will Protect You On Motorcycles, Warthogs, And Ghosts

    NECA, which has previously handled portal guns as well as Borderlands and Diablo action figures, has recently unveiled its newest project: a fully functional motorcycle helmet that Master Chief himself would appreciate. The models of the Mjolnir Mark VI-style helmet don't show any color yet, but... More
  • Blog Post: Large Batman Action Figure Is Capable Of Many Poses

    If today’s Batman news got you excited, then you might want to keep an eye out for this upcoming collectible. A soon to be released Batman figure from Arkham Origins will be arriving in just a couple of months. The Batman figure stands at 18” and comes with a fabric cape, grapnel gun, and... More
  • Blog Post: Data East’s NES Robocop Lives On In New NECA Figure

    You might recall that collectible manufacturer NECA has a penchant for 8-bit versions of movie characters. Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees and Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger have both been given the action figure treatment. Now, it’s time for Data East’s envisioning... More
  • Blog Post: NECA Announces Diablo Figure And Replica Of El'Druin Sword

    Prepare for the Reaper of Souls expansion with two new Diablo III collectibles. NECA has announced that it is releasing a figure of Diablo, the main antagonist in the series, as well as a replica of El'Druin, blade of the fallen archangel Tyrael. The Diablo figure stands at 9" and has 25 movable... More
  • Blog Post: Bioshock Infinite Collectible Marches Toward Shipping Date

    The motorized patriot is one of the many iconic enemies of Irrational Games' Bioshock Infinite.The George Washington automaton collectible carries a gatling gun, has two Columbia flags strapped to its back, and stands over nine inches tall. Click to see the image in full on NECA’s blog. The... More
  • Blog Post: NECA Inks Deal With 343 Industries For Halo Merchandise

    The National Entertainment Collectibles Association has signed a monster deal to bring out the wide array of Halo-themed merchandise. NECA will be creating new lines of Halo collectibles, which will be released starting in April, 2014. NECA president Joel Weinshanker said, "We are thrilled to be... More
  • Blog Post: Don't Try To Swing Through Gotham On This Replica Grapnel Gun

    In conjunction with Warner Bros.' upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins , collectible creator NECA has been commissioned to create something special. This prop grapnel gun is spring-loaded and motorized. Probably best to keep it away from the kids. You'll be able to pick it up this fall for $34.99... More
  • Blog Post: Bioshock Infinite Gets Collectible With New HeroClix Set

    The intersection of video games with tabletop experiences is becoming more common. One of the publishers at the forefront is NECA-owned Wizkids, known for Mage Knight, Quarriors, and HeroClix. The latter property remains largely focused on superheroes, with interesting subsets drawing inspiration from... More
  • Blog Post: Chell Action Figure Hits Store Shelves Next Week

    NECA is following up its popular run of life-size Portal and Half-Life replica items with a line of 7" Portal 2 action figures, starting with the release of Chell next week. This figure comes packaged with a light-up Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and is limited to just 15,000 units. The... More
  • Blog Post: See BioShock Infinite's Sky-Hook Contraption In Action

    You've seen replicas of Aperture Laboratories technology and legendary swords before, but how about a Sky-Hook from BioShock Infinite? The handheld contraption allows people to zip around the floating city of Colombia's network of wires. NECA is showing off an impressive replica of the device... More
  • Blog Post: Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replica On The Way

    After a successful run of replica Portal guns , NECA is looking a little further back into Valve's game library for it's next project. The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, or Gravity Gun to those folks who prefer their weapon's names to have fewer than 13 syllables, is from Half-Life... More
  • Blog Post: “Hello, Friend,” NECA Set To Release Ten New Portal 2 Turrets

    Have you ever wanted a Portal turret that blended stealthily into your shrubbery? Or that didn’t clash with your classy zebra-striped rug? Well, all your dreams (that are Portal 2 turret related) are set to come true. These turrets are a different breed from their motion-sensing brethren made by... More
  • Blog Post: NECA Creating A Replica Of P-Body's Portal Gun From Portal 2

    After creating a successful replica of Chell's portal gun from Portal 2, NECA has decided to recreate P-Body's version of the portal gun. It's not available for purchase just yet, or even pre-order, but you can see a video of the replica below, and check out NECA's website to keep up... More
  • Blog Post: Video Shows NECA's Portal Device In Action

    NECA's upcoming Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device will save cosplayers the hassle of creating their own replicas out of flashlights and bleach bottles. As this video shows, it glows orange! It glows blue! It makes a sound! From what I'm told, it will also create portals on any concrete... More
  • Blog Post: Ezio Is Awesome, Even As An Action Figure

    As if waiting for Assassin's Creed: Revelations weren't difficult enough, now you also have to wait to get a hold of these cool figures of Ezio from NECA. The company posted new pictures of the upcoming figures via its twitter , but you can get a glimpse of them below. Both figures will be available... More
  • Blog Post: Inject More BioShock Toys Into Your Life

    You probably won't be going back to Rapture anytime soon, but you can remember your underwater adventures with these NECA toys. NECA posted a preview picture of an upcoming splicer figure (minus the full packaging), mentioning that the toy will be coming later this spring. You can see the image below... More
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