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  • Blog Post: College Athletes To Get Part Of $60 Million EA Sports Settlement

    Payment terms for college athletes who appeared in EA Sports' basketball and football video game franchises between 2003 and 2014 have been established as part of the $60 million settlement by Electronic Arts and the NCAA in the O'Bannon lawsuit. After lawyers take their 30 percent, 24,819 athletes... More
  • Blog Post: Report: 2K Sports Might Be Bringing Back College Basketball, But Not How You Might Expect

    Today, ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell stated on his Twitter that 2K Sports has obtained the licenses for at least 10 college basketball teams and will have some sort of college basketball offering for players. Recently, speculation occurred that 2K Sports had something in the works after... More
  • Blog Post: Judge Approves $60 Million Settlement In NCAA Player Likeness Lawsuit

    The judge presiding over the long-litigated O’Bannon vs. NCAA lawsuit approved a settlement today granting plaintiffs $60 million. The result is that many college athletes could be seeing long overdue paychecks from their appearances in past games. In May 2014, we reported that student-athletes... More
  • Blog Post: Judge Determines NCAA Rules Against Athletes Likeness Revenue Are Unlawful

    Earlier today a federal judge ruled that the NCAA's rules that prohibit college athletes from getting compensated for the use of their likeness in media broadcasts, video games, and other products actually violate antitrust laws. Sports gamers are likely already familiar with this issue and with... More
  • Blog Post: NCAA Files Suit Against EA Over NCAA Player Likeness Settlement

    In September, we reported that EA and the Collegiate Licensing Corporation (CLC) had settled a suit with a group of NCAA athletes . The legal matter revolved around the use of player likenesses without permission. Following the agreement, only the NCAA remained adamant. Now, the athletic organization... More
  • Blog Post: Settlement Checks From Madden And NCAA Monopoly Suit Arriving Now

    In 2012, we reported that the class action suit against EA over a monopoly related to Madden, NCAA, and AFL-branded football titles had been settled with a compensation plan put in place. That settlement proposal was later revised , with consumers eligible for up to $162.92 for last-generation titles... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] EA And Collegiate Licensing Company Settling Athlete Likeness Suit For $40 Million

    Update: What was previously a report has now been confirmed by the attorneys handling the legal suit against Electronic Arts and NCAA Football. Lead plaintiff attorney for the case Michael Hausfeld said, "This is a historic settlement. This settlement represents an acknowledgment that the NCAA's... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Halts College Football Franchise

    EA Sports has announced that it will not put out a college football title next year, a change from what was previously stated. The future of video game college football is on hold. In July, after the release of NCAA Football 14 , the NCAA decided to not renew its licensing agreement with Electronic Arts... More
  • Blog Post: Three Major Conferences Will Not License To EA For Collegiate Football Game

    Recently, the NCAA announced that it will not be renewing its license with EA . Until the Collegiate Licensing Corporation stepped in and announced it would continue the relationship, fans wondered what this would mean for future college football games, but things still look bad. Now, three conferences... More
  • Blog Post: Court Rules That EA Is Not Protected Under First Amendment In Likeness Suit

    Yesterday we reported that EA had filed a request for dismissal from the suit brought against it and the NCAA over unauthorized use of athlete likenesses in licensed video games . Today brings another piece of that case coming to a close. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that EA's... More
  • Blog Post: EA Claims It Was Following NCAA Rules In Class Action Dismissal Request

    The saga of current and former college athletes' attempt at recompense from the NCAA , the Collegiate Licensing Corporation, and EA has a new wrinkle. EA and the CLC are attempting to extricate themselves from the matter by claiming that they simply followed the NCAA's rules and acted in the... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] NCAA Decides Not To Renew EA Sports Contract, EA Responds

    Update #2: EA has provided Game Informer with a statement on plans for college football moving forward. By now, most fans will have heard that EA's licensing agreement with the NCAA is set to expire and that we have agreed to part ways. I'm sure gamers are wondering what this means. This is simple... More
  • Blog Post: Michigan's Denard Robinson Wins NCAA 14 Cover Vote

    Former Michigan QB Denard Robinson has won the fan vote contest to earn the right to be on the cover of NCAA Football 14. The game is expected to come out this July for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and Robinson beat out Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope for the honor. EA says that this year's cover vote... More
  • Blog Post: Report: EA May Add New Sports Franchises

    Electronic Arts’ chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said “a couple of new sports franchises” may be added to the developer’s stable of sports games. The revelation came during the Wedbush Technology Conference today. While answering a question about EA’s planned releases... More
  • Blog Post: Support Your School In The NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote

    EA Sports is asking college football fans to represent their favorite team in the NCAA Football 14 cover vote. All 126 college football teams are eligible for gracing the cover of this year's NCAA Football installment, and fans are encouraged to support their team by more than just voting in the... More
  • Blog Post: NBA Legend Bill Russell Suing EA Sports & NCAA

    NBA legend Bill Russell is suing the NCAA and EA Sports over what Russell claims is an uncompensated use of his likeness in EA Sports' NCAA Basketball 09. According to Bloomberg Businesweek , Russell is taking issue with Electronic Arts for including him in NCAA Basketball 09's Tournament of... More
  • Blog Post: Likeness Lawsuit Against EA Sports Thrown Out

    EA Sports is mired in multiple lawsuits (including one involving 6,000 former NFL players ) regarding the publisher's use of their likenesses in its Madden and NCAA football franchises, but the load got lighter by one today as a judge threw out a lawsuit from former Rutgers QB Ryan Hart. U.S. district... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports' Persistent ID To Be A Paid Subscription?

    This month EA Sports stated that it was working on a cross-title, cross-year persistent ID system that would chronicle your progress as a player of the label's games. Now new information purports to unveil details about this program and reveal that it's a paid subscription program. Pastapadre... More
  • Blog Post: Another Former College Athlete Sues EA And NCAA Over Likeness

    Bobby Maze, a former NCAA basketball player for Tennessee, has brought a suit against EA Sports and the NCAA in a California federal court. He claims that EA and NCAA used his likeness in EA's NCAA basketball series. While no actual player names are used in NCAA sports games, EA does present very... More
  • Blog Post: NCAA in NHL 11?

    There's scuttlebutt going around that EA Sports and the NCAA in talks to bring college hockey teams into NHL 11. Fresh off the official news that NHL 11 will incorporate all 60 CHL (Canadian Hockey League) teams into the game (including the Memorial Cup), Pastapadre says that the collegiate association... More
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