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  • Blog Post: Pocky & Rocky With Becky Is Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    Pocky & Rocky with Becky, a Game Boy Advance game, is now available on Wii U thanks to the Virtual Console. The title is a single-player action game from Natsume where players can choose between three characters as they travel to seal the dangerous Hydra Dragon before it can exact revenge for its... More
  • Blog Post: Natsume Sows Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories On Wii U, PC, Smartphone This Year

    Natsume has announced its next Harvest Moon title will be going back to the series' roots. The company says the upcoming Seeds of Memories is inspired by the original entry in the series on Super Nintendo. The new title, which will be out this winter, will task players with bringing a decrepit farm... More
  • Blog Post: Lufia: The Legend Coming To 3DS Virtual Console This Week

    The 2001 RPG that marked Lufia's first handheld outing is heading to the Virtual Console soon. The game, which is the third in the Lufia series, will be available to play on 3DS on Thursday January 15. Spread the news! Lufia: The Legend Returns GBC arrives on the North American 3DS eShop on Thursday... More
  • Blog Post: Harvest Moon 3 And Lufia: The Legend Returns Ratings Hint At Virtual Console Release

    Game Boy Color Games Harvest Moon 3 and Lufia: The Legend returns – games published by Natsume in North America – have received ratings from the Australian Classification Board. The ratings are a strong identifier the two games could be heading for re-release on the 3DS, which is home to... More
  • Blog Post: Learn About The Harvest Moon Series In This Informational Video

    Learn how the original Harvest Moon almost didn't reach the finish line, and the game's original title in this informational video. In the latest video from Did You Know Gaming, a website and YouTube channel that specializes in obscure video games facts, the Harvest Moon series gets detailed... More
  • Blog Post: Is Rune Factory 4 Heading To North America?

    It's not much to go on, but in response to a fan query on Facebook, XSEED Games offered an ambiguous hint that it may be localizing the latest entry in the Rune Factory series for North America. On XSEED's Facebook page a fan asked, "Rune Factory IV. Possibility you guys might bring it over... More
  • Blog Post: New Rune Factory Coming To North America

    Rune Factory: Oceans was a significant installment in the Rune Factory series for a couple of reasons. First, it introduced giants that you could ride and use to pull sunken ships and islands out of the sea. Second, it was the first game in the series to be released on the PlayStation 3. Today Natsume... More
  • Blog Post: New Harvest Moon To Be Released For DS And 3DS

    Natsume's Harvest Moon has been farming its distinctively cute agrarian gameplay for years, and now it's ready to make the leap into three dimensions. Today, on Natsume's Facebook page , the company announced Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, which will be released simultaneously for both... More
  • Blog Post: Natsume Brings Reel Fishing Paradise To The 3DS

    Outdoorsmen who like to work their rod every chance they get (we’re talking about fishing here) will be happy to know that publisher Natsume is bringing it’s popular Reel Fishing series to Nintendo’s 3DS later this year. This spring, Reel Fishing Paradise 3D will let fishing enthusiasts... More
  • Blog Post: Lufia: Curse Of The Sinistrals Coming Next Month

    The headline just about says it all. Natsume's latest installment in the Lufia saga, Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, will be available on the DS on October 19 for $29.99. The action-RPG follows monster hunter Maxim and five playable buddies as they battle the Sinistrals – a force so evil that... More
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