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  • Blog Post: Games With Gold Gives Away Dark Souls, Expands To Xbox One

    Next month's free Games with Gold titles are headlined by From Software's harrowing action/RPG Dark Souls. For Xbox 360 owners, June's free Games with Gold titles are the aforementioned Dark Souls, Ska Studio's quirky brawler Charlie Murder, and the excellent Street Fighter IV: Arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II Blasts Past Shipping Milestone Set By The First Game

    From Software's Dark Souls II has earned respect from both fans and critics, who say the game is a worthy follow-up to its 2011 predecessor. Looking at Bandai Namco's most recent financial report, it's clear that the punishing game has its share of supporters at the publisher, too. According... More
  • Blog Post: What Dark Souls II Enemy Have Players Killed The Most?

    If you answered "Stray Hound," reward yourself with a cookie and a pat on the back. As of this writing, PlayStation 3 players have killed 78,396,878 of these easy foes, whereas Xbox 360 players have only felled 32,200,775 of them. This data comes from a new "Enemy" portal added to... More
  • Blog Post: Fan Created Site Counts Your Dark Souls Deaths

    A site created by Dark Souls fans allows you upload your save file to see how many time you've died. You can check out the site here . Unfortunately, the death counter only applies to PC save files, which makes sense considering it is difficult to pull your save files from Sony's and Microsoft's... More
  • Blog Post: Artist Imagines Katamari Damacy In A Different Era Of Japan

    Katamari Damacy is possibly the most Japanese game ever to be fully embraced by North America. I'm surprised I haven't seen an artist re-imagine the game's art style in the one popularized during feudal Japan already. The King of the Cosmos' concerned look over the Prince's progress... More
  • Blog Post: Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle Arrives On Nintendo 3DS This Summer

    Tenkai Knights , an animated Cartoon Network TV show based around fighting robots, will be getting its own 3DS game, courtesy of Bandai Namco. Players will fight in 2D robot battles either in a mission based single player story mode or in a competitive Versus mode supporting up to four players. Tenkai... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Demo Available Now

    Namco Bandai wants to make sure you have a very Saiyan holiday. The demo for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is available today on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The demo includes four single-player missions, one cooperative mission, and an eight-player battle. Any progress achieved in the... More
  • Blog Post: Tales Of Zestiria Confirmed For PlayStation 3 Release

    Namco Bandai today confirmed the next game in the Tales Of series. Tales of Zestiria will be coming to PlayStation 3 worldwide in 2015 to coincide with the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The title will take place in a fantasy setting, with involvement from all four series character designers (Mutsumi... More
  • Blog Post: New Details Added To The Next Tales Of Countdown Teaser Site

    Namco Bandai is getting ready to reveal the next Tales of game in a few days, and as the countdown draws to a close more details have been added to the tease. Website Gematsu has been keeping an eye on the site and translating the details as they emerge. An image of some kind has been fading in on the... More
  • Blog Post: Namco Bandai Teasing The Next Tales Game With A Countdown

    The next Tales game headed for North America is the previously released in Japan Tales of Xillia 2 , but whatever is coming after that, Namco Bandai has already begun the tease. The site is in Japanese and doesn't reveal much about what's coming, but there is a countdown that reads "Only... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II Beta Test Now Scheduled For November

    Over the weekend, Namco Bandai intended to conduct a network test, but unforeseen errors prevented that from happening. The company has now rescheduled and posted a code for anyone to download the client. The upcoming network test on November 9 and 10 will take place overnight. You’ll want to have... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II PlayStation 3 Beta Delayed

    The beta for the PlayStation 3 version of Dark Souls II was supposed to begin this morning, but it didn't happen and Namco Bandai has offered an apology. It's unclear exactly what prevented the beta from launching, but Namco Bandai was quick to apologize, and assure all those involved that their... More
  • Blog Post: Tales Of Symphonia HD Collection Release Date Announced

    Tales of Symphonia, a compilation of Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World, now has a release date. The PlayStation 3-bound HD collection will arrive in North America on February 25, 2014. The original titles were released on the Gamecube and Wii. Tales of Symphonia is heralded as one of the strongest... More
  • Blog Post: Namco Creating Dark Souls II Graphic Novel

    Namco Bandai will release a free online comic book based on its upcoming Dark Souls II. The graphic novel will also be packaged as a physical comic book that will be packaged in certain limited editions of the game. While little is known about the story other than the fact that it's set in the universe... More
  • Blog Post: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Premium PC And PS3 Edition Coming Soon

    Ninja Theory's re-telling of the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West is getting a premium re-release on PC and PlayStation 3 this month. The news of the Enslaved: Odyssey to the West re-release was confirmed by Namco Bandai in speaking with Polygon . Enslaved: Odyssey to the West features motion... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II Beta Codes Will Be Distributed At 11 AM Pacific Today

    Namco Bandai's community manager has taken to Reddit to lay out the details of the PlayStation 3 Dark Souls II beta test . Those selected for the first round of testing will receive their codes today. Codes will be delivered at approximately 11 am Pacific via PSN today. The purpose of the exercise... More
  • Blog Post: Here's How To Get Into The Dark Souls II Beta

    Do you want to help test Dark Souls II? If so, you might want to read on and find out how Namco Bandai is going to roll out the different phases of its testing. The first batch of 5,000 participants will be welcomed into a network test on October 12, 2013. A larger group will be invited for an October... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II Gets A Release Date And A New Trailer

    Dark Souls fans won't have too long of a wait before the infamous "You Died" screen greets them again. Namco Bandai confirmed that Dark Souls II is releasing on March 11, 2014. March's invitation into a new punishing world is only confirmed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as of this... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Zestiria May Be The Next Tales Of Game

    Namco Bandai recently confirmed that Tales of Xillia 2 will be the next Tales game heading to North America, but it it looks like the following Tales game may be called Tales of Zestiria. A trademark was spotted by Siliconera on the trademarks and designs registration office of the European Union for... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II Beta Pushed Back

    Last month Dark Souls II publisher Namco Bandai announced a closed beta for the game in October. That date has been pushed back a week, but the company has also added a second closed beta for the title. The first closed beta starts on October 12 for PlayStation 3, with a second one to follow on October... More
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