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  • Blog Post: Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar Shuts Down This Month

    Today a representative from developer Mythic announced that the free-to-play PC and iPad MMO Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar’s servers will shut down on August 29. Some final changes and in-game bonuses are being added into the MMO for its last month. Ultima Forever’s in-game store no... More
  • Blog Post: Electronic Arts Ending Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning

    Mythic has announced today, on the five-year anniversary of its release, that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be taken offline. Services will be turned off on December 18, 2013. According to the post on the official Warhammer Online website, the shutdown of the subscription-based title is tied... More
  • Blog Post: BioWare Mythic Announces Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar

    Gamers can return to Britannia and the series that was one of the first MMORGs. Electronic Arts and BioWare Mythic have announced free-to-play title Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. The game will come out this year on both PC and iPad and feature cross-platform play. "As huge fans of the Ultima... More
  • Blog Post: Report: BioWare Mythic To Announce New Free-To-Play Title

    BioWare Mythic is reportedly set to continue its development of F2P titles with an official game announcement soon. CVG says that it talked to BioWare Mythic general manager Eugene Evans, who told the site that the developer would be announcing a free-to-play online title on July 12. The website also... More
  • Blog Post: Baldur's Gate Started As An MMO

    Many gamers fondly remember discovering triple-A RPG developer BioWare with their PC classic Baldur's Gate. As revealed on a recent panel, that genre-defining game could have ended up quite different if BioWare's original intentions had come to fruition. Speaking at GDC Europe, BioWare founders... More
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