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  • Blog Post: Report: Cyan Worlds' Myst To Make The Jump To Television

    Cyan Worlds’ Myst series stands out as a seminal point-and-click franchise. Myst’s mysterious worlds are tied together through books that transport the reader to different locations. Deadline reports that Legendary TV has signed a deal with Cyan Worlds to create a television show based on... More
  • Blog Post: Obduction Kickstarter Ends Fundraising With Over $1.3 Million

    The Kickstarter campaign for Obduction, Cyan Inc.’s upcoming game, ended this weekend, amassing just over $1.3 million in donations during its fundraising period. Besides reaching its base funding goal, the campaign has also raised enough money to meet its first stretch goal of Oculus Rift support... More
  • Blog Post: Obduction Funded With Two Days Left For Stretch Goals

    Fans of Cyan, Inc.’s Myst series should be thrilled to hear that the Obduction Kickstarter campaign has reached its $1.1 million base funding goal. In fact, it has now officially surpassed that mark by just over $80,000. Approximately forty hours remain for the campaign to raise additional funds... More
  • Blog Post: Myst, Red Faction 2 Hitting PSN

    The latest PlayStation Network store update this week sees the release of the classic PC title Myst. The game is a direct port of the original PC title. Red Faction 2 is part of the PlayStation Classic line, meaning there will be no visual upgrades. This is a director port of the original PS2 game. Also... More
  • Blog Post: See Myst In Motion On 3DS

    We got news of Myst coming to 3DS yesterday, but now you can actually see the game in motion, without the 3D of course. It's all familiar territory if you're know with the game. It doesn't look like there will be anything new added to the game other than the stereoscopic 3D, which you will... More
  • Blog Post: Myst 3DS Announced

    The classic adventure title Myst is coming to 3DS next year, publisher Maximum Family Games announced. The 3DS version contains all the same content from the 1993 original, however it now includes 3D support. Development is being handled by Hoplite Research, LLC. "Myst is expected to be a big hit... More
  • Blog Post: Two Gamers Who Can Beat Myst Faster Than You

    There are speed runs, and then there are freaking speed runs . As in, the beating an entire game in under two minutes kind of speed. Seriously. In these two videos, YouTube users guptill89 and Arkarian01 show just how well they've mastered Myst. Guptill89 completes the game in 1:45, while Arkarian... More
  • Blog Post: Myst Movie In The Works

    While it's certainly not the most obvious game series to be adapted to film being as the main characters are largely building and weird puzzles, the classic PC franchise Myst is heading for the big screen. Variety is reporting that Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions, in partnership with Mysteria... More
  • Blog Post: Blood Suckers – Weekly Roundup 6/28

    EA’s APB, Sin & Punishment, Naughty Bear, and Lego Harry Potter all hit retail this week. We’re more excited about downloadable deals, though; PB Winterbottom will be available at a greatly discounted rate of 400 Microsoft Points for a limited time. But the above releases aren’t... More
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