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  • Blog Post: Smooth McGroove Battles Against Undertale's 'True Hero' In Latest Song

    If you enjoy video game music, you're probably no stranger to the a cappella arrangements of Smooth McGroove. The artist has already tackled several songs from last year's indie hit Undertale (check out Megalovania if you haven't already), and today he's performing a tune from another... More
  • Blog Post: After A Delay, You Can Now Download Disasterpeace's Hyper Light Drifter Soundtrack

    Hyper Light Drifter released on PC and Mac about two weeks ago. Its soundtrack was originally supposed to release on April 10. After a small delay, the soundtrack is now available for download. Composer Disasterpeace (known predominantly for his work on Fez and the film, It Follows ) asked for two extra... More
  • Blog Post: Official Soundtrack For No Man's Sky Gets A Release Date

    The official soundtrack of No Man's Sky is coming to all territories just before the launch of the game. No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe has been composed by UK instrumental group 65daysofstatic, who revealed the news today. The group spent over a year composing the game's ambient... More
  • Blog Post: Rhapsody Streaming Music App Comes To Wii U With Touchscreen Implementation

    Wii U owners can now stream music from their Rhapsody accounts thanks to the release of the new Rhapsody app available in the eShop. Rhapsody currently boasts a streaming catalog of "millions" of songs. The app comes to the Wii U with special touch controls thanks to the GamePad. Using the... More
  • Blog Post: Chrono Trigger Tribute Album Chronicles Of Time Now Available

    The team behind 2013’s Secret of Mana tribute album Spectrum of Mana give Chrono Trigger a similar multi-genre treatment with Chronicles of Time. As it turns out, Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack stands the test of time. Chrono Trigger is an essential game for anybody who considers themselves... More
  • Blog Post: Kanye West Releases Surprise Trailer For New Game Only One

    In case you forgot, Kanye West has been working on a game based on his song "Only One," and the surprise trailer actually looks pretty good. About a year ago , Kanye West announced that he was working on game based on his song "Only One," which was inspired by the death of his mother... More
  • Blog Post: The Flame In The Flood's Twangy, Soulful Soundtrack Available Now

    When you imagine a young man floating down the river on a makeshift skiff through the wilds of America while fending for himself, you might imagine the determined Tom Sawyer. Alongside the image of Mark Twain's iconic character, the gentle sounds of an acoustic guitar played by a southern string... More
  • Blog Post: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Making Of The Force Awakens' VFX

    What kind of awards will Star Wars: The Force Awakens be nominated for at this year's Oscars? We'll find out tomorrow morning when the nominees are announced, but if a video posted on the Oscars' official YouTube channel is any indication, it looks like it's at least in consideration... More
  • Blog Post: Stream The Force Awakens Soundtrack For Free, Includes 13 Minutes Of Unreleased Music

    John Williams' brilliant score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens can be streamed for free on Disney's Awards Website. If you already own the soundtrack, you'll still want to listen, as this cut of it features 13 minutes of unreleased music not found on the CD or digital versions of it. John... More
  • Blog Post: Get Five Free Dragon Age: Inquisition Songs Of The Exalted Council

    BioWare has a holiday gift for Dragon Age fans. In addition to the launch of the new Dragon Age: Magekiller comic from Dark Horse, the studio has made available for a limited time five free music tracks. From now through December 31, you can download the Songs of the Exalted Council. These are five tunes... More
  • Blog Post: Enjoy Mesmerizing Squid Dance Choreography As You Check Out Two New Splatoon Maps

    Nintendo is showing off two new upcoming Splatoon maps, and it's doing it with a dance number. The two new maps shown in the video are called Piranha Pit & Ancho-V Games. One has large moving treadmills and the other has platforms that can be raised and lowered by spraying ink into fans. Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare For Fallout 4 By Purchasing The Official Soundtrack

    The sound of Fallout 4 is filled with more than Death Claw roars and nuclear detonations. A sophisticated score hides in there as well, and you can purchase the official soundtrack days before the title’s launch. The 65-track soundtrack is scored by award-winning composer Inon Zur, whose previous... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Gear Solid Composer Releases Satoru Iwata Tribute Song

    A musical duo including Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino released a new tribute song to the late Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata today. The composer pays tribute through a piano and saxophone medley inspired by Earthbound. “The passing of Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata... More
  • Blog Post: See The Recording Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes' Excellent Soundtrack

    Tri Force Heroes' soundtrack has as much in common with a Professor Layton soundtrack as it does previous Zelda games, and Nintendo has released a video of its recording process in promotion of the game's release. There is more accordion and recorder in the soundtrack than previous Zelda games... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 5: Guardians Soundtrack Comes In $50 Limited Edition Flavor, Too

    You won’t be able to own the Halo 5: Guardians soundtrack for another 10 days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it right now. The entire 39-track collection is streaming on Soundcloud right now. But for some, that’s not enough. The standard Amazon and iTunes versions... More
  • Blog Post: Portal Songwriter Returns For Lego Dimensions – Hear The New Track Right Now

    Update: Jonathan Coulton published his new Portal song for Lego Dimensions on his Soundcloud account . You can here is by clicking play on the track below. Original story: The songwriter responsible for Portal and Portal 2’s lyrical closing credits is writing a new musical number for GLaDOS to... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 5 Beta Leak Reveals New/Old Musical Theme

    Halo 5's beta is inactive, but it received an update recently that revealed a familiar musical theme for the game. The theme was uploaded by the Halo memes YouTube channel , though it admits it is not the channel who discovered the theme. The Halo 5 beta that went offline in January, but can remain... More
  • Blog Post: Song Inspired By Hypothetical Half-Life 3 Will Make You Reach For Nearest Crowbar

    The wait for Half-Life 3 has been a long one, with fans creating videos , expansive mods , and even a remake of the entire first game in the meantime. Music producer and Half-Life fan Ryan Reedy has recently joined this group, composing a hypothetical track inspired by his anticipation for the series'... More
  • Blog Post: The Last Of Us Soundtrack Comes To Vinyl This Wednesday

    Considered by many to be one of the most beautifully presented video games of last or any console generation, The Last of Us features a compelling story of two very different people trying to survive in an infection-ravaged world. While the story was well-written and the gameplay was solid, the soundtrack... More
  • Blog Post: Jillian Aversa and Doug Perry's Musical Tribute To Nier Is Both Beautiful And Haunting

    Vocalist Jillian Aversa is no stranger to video game tributes. Her YouTube channel is full of game-themed music videos, ranging from The Legend of Zelda all the way to Metal Gear Solid. Her latest tribute, featuring Doug Perry, is a percussion and vocal arrangement of the "Song of the Ancients"... More
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