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  • Blog Post: New GTA V Fan Video Recreates Kanye's "Flashing Lights"

    Grand Theft Auto V’s recently released Rockstar Editor has brought plenty of incredible videos from the world of Los Santos to life. A new fan video recreates Kanye West’s music video for his song “ Flashing Lights .” Produced by Lee Iovino and posted on his “ I Can’t... More
  • Blog Post: Sneaky Zebra Invades Blizzcon 2015 To Find The Best Cosplay

    YouTube comedic duo Sneaky Zebra released their latest cosplay music video today. The video highlights the best cosplay found at Blizzcon 2015 in Anaheim, California. Blizzcon saw no shortage of high quality cosplayers, featuring characters from all of Blizzard's properties, including great cosplays... More
  • Blog Post: Sneaky Zebra Storms New York Comic Con To Film The Best Cosplay

    New York Comic Con pulls no punches when it comes to amazing cosplay. The only thing better than seeing hundreds of photos of your favorite geek culture icons brought to life is seeing them in motion, and that’s just what Nick Acott and Gary Scullion at Sneaky Zebra did for this year’s NYCC... More
  • Blog Post: Iron Maiden Pays Tribute To Gaming In Bloody New Music Video

    Iron Maiden's music video for their new single, "Speed Of Light," has mascot Eddie channeling Kevin Flynn as he travels through video game history. Sucked into an alternate computer dimension Tron -style, Eddie encounters references to Donkey Kong, Blade Runner , and more. Take a look:... More
  • Blog Post: Prison Escapees Take Top Slot In GTA V Music-Video Contest

    Rockstar has announced a winner for its music-video contest , giving the top prize to a creator who used Wavves' "Leave" to accompany a typical GTA activity. YeahMAP created the winning video using Grand Theft Auto V's Rockstar Editor tools in the PC version of the game. His video shows... More
  • Blog Post: Hotline Miami Composer Releases New Music Video

    Perturbator, a composer who worked on the Hotline Miami, has released a sleek new music video, retaining the 80’s-style synth tunes his work has been known for. The music video is odd, to say the least, but features a number of cool moments that may surprise you. It also features a similar looking... More
  • Blog Post: Sneaky Zebra Fills Comic-Con Music Video With Pop Culture Goodness

    San Diego Comic-Con came and went, but film duo Sneaky Zebra captured its magic in this reference-packed cosplay music video. If you have trouble naming all the geek inspirations in this clip, you can always look to the video’s YouTube description for a hint. This is just the latest of Sneaky Zebra’s... More
  • Blog Post: Powerglove Releases Official “Batman” Music Video

    Metal video game tribute band, Powerglove released its first official video from their record, Saturday Morning Apocalypse . The video pays homage to classic video games of the ‘90s, and it is appropriately awesome. Powerglove ’s newest album, Saturday Morning Apocalypse , a tribute to many... More
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