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  • Blog Post: Museum of Modern Art Adds 14 Games To Collection

    Are game art? According to New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art they are; the museum just added 14 games to its collection, and says more will follow. According to the MOMA's website, this initial acquisition of games will be a " the seedbed for an initial wish list of about 40 to... More
  • Blog Post: Katamari Damacy Featured In New York MoMA Exhibit

    The New York Museum of Modern Art is hosting a new exhibit, Century of the Child: Growing by Design, and it features a nod to one of Namco Bandai's most memorable games. Katamari Damacy makes an appearance in the exhibit, which is focused on the way that games, toys, and other kid-friendly things... More
  • Blog Post: New York Museum Unveils Gaming Event

    One of the world's premiere art museums is hosting a one-night video game event, and you're invited. In the wake of this week's big story cementing games as protected expression, we're getting word of a cool event coming to New York City's Museum of Modern Art on July 27th. Joystiq... More
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