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  • Blog Post: The Games For Windows Live Exodus Continues

    Microsoft refutes rumors that it will shut down PC online gaming service Games for Windows Live (featuring achievements, gamertags, etc.) on July 1, but with with its marketplace shut down, it's clearly in decline. Furthermore, studios like Twisted Pixel Games – a developer now owned by Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Huge Savings With Twisted Pixel Bundle Available Today

    Tired of waiting for Twisted Pixel’s new game, LocoCycle ? Well, if you haven’t played any of the studio's other games, or need to complete your collection, you’re in luck. Today marks the release of the developer’s Xbox Live bundle collecting four of its past titles. The... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Splosion Man Explodes Onto Steam

    Ms. Splosion Man's explosive nature can't be contained on Xbox Live Arcade and the App Store. The game's explosive antics can now be experienced on Steam, Games for Windows LIVE, and the Windows Phone. The PC versions of the game are priced at $9.99. Windows Phone 7 players can download it... More
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixel Announcing New Game At E3, You Could Win A Copy

    The Austin-based developer is staging a new Ms. Splosion Man challenge. The top five finishers will win a copy of an upcoming Twisted Pixel game that will be announced during E3. The Ms. Splosion Man contest is named "Splokour" and is inspired by the street acrobatics of parkour . The challenge... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Splosion Man Heads To PC And Mobile Platforms

    Twisted Pixel today annouced Ms. Splosion Man is coming to Steam, Games For Windows Live, Windows Phone 7, iPhone and iPad this summer. “This will be our first mobile game, and only our second Steam game,” explains Twisted Pixel’s Michael Wilford. “But it’s very important... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Splosion Invades Pinball FX 2 In New Trailer

    Today Zen Studios revealed the release date of its new Ms. Splosion Man table for Pinball FX 2, and debuted a trailer of Ms. Splosion Man doing what she does best. Blowing stuff up. The trailer shows off the ramps, orbits, and targets pinball wizards will be aiming for, as well as some multiball action... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Splosion Man Will Cost You $10

    Despite being an amazing game, many downloadable fans recoiled when the critically acclaimed Braid hit XBLA for a whopping 1200 Microsoft points ($15). Jonathon Blow's puzzle game shattered the expectation for a $10 price tag. Three years later, $15 seems to be the accepted price for most major downloadable... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Splosion Man Sploding In July

    The sequel to the 2009's Splosion Man is only a few weeks from release. Ms. Splosion Man looks like a pretty profound evolution of the franchise. It includes a 50 level single player campaign, a 50 level multiplayer campaign, and a whole lot of new chances for splodin'. We're not always about... More
  • Blog Post: 10,000 Players Will Test Ms. Splosion Man Early

    Beta tests are becoming more and more common for console games, but it looks like downloadable games are getting in on the act as well. Twisted Pixel's upcoming Splosion Man sequel, Ms. Splosion Man, will have an early access program for 10,000 lucky gamers. If you're interested in being a lab... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Ms. 'Splosion Man In Action

    A new gameplay video shows off how Twisted Pixel's latest experiment looks in motion. 'Splosion Man was a crazy game. And its sequel looks to be upping the ante with some crazy action and great platforming. Twisted Pixel sent us this new video from the game, which reveals for the first time an... More
  • Blog Post: Twisted Pixel Gives Us Ms. Splosion Man Screens For Valentine's Day

    Aw, it's pretty romantic when you think about it. Here we were, thinking Twisted Pixel had forgotten about the big day, but then we got a romantic card with a web address where we could get the first two screens of its much anticipated follow-up to 'Splosion Man, one of our favorite downloadable... More
  • Blog Post: Ms. Splosion Man Trailer Too Hot To Handle

    How did the this spitfire come to exist, and what poor souls will she 'splode first? Check out this revealing video to find out. Earlier today brought us the announcement of a new family member in the 'Splosion Man world. It seems the manic antics of that frantically running experiment gone wrong... More
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