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  • Blog Post: Monument Valley Surpasses One Million Downloads

    Monument Valley, the gorgeous puzzle mobile game from developer ustwogames, has surpasses one million downloads. #monumentvalleygame has sold one million copies. woot!!! http://t.co/64pFKTpRMm pic.twitter.com/n9TlN8ft6g — ustwogames (@ustwogames) July 18, 2014 Ustwogames made all of its investment... More
  • Blog Post: Monument Valley Hits 500,000 Downloads On iOS, Now Available On Android

    After selling over 500,000 copies and making back its production costs within a week, developer ustwo has moved Monument Valley over to Android devices. Speaking with TechCrunch , the developer confirmed the Monument Valley sales numbers and said it is working on new content for the game. The plan is... More
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