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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber - Nintendo Land

    After spending time with Nintendo Land for our review , I thought it would be fun to rally some of the GI troops and play some of my favorite attractions. Of course, this lead to the competitive modes, where the hunt was on in Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Animal Crossing Sweet Day. We... More
  • Blog Post: Party Like A Friggin' Maniac With Disney Channel All Star Party

    Have you ever wanted to party with the Jonas Brothers or hang out with Zack and Cody on the S.S. Tipton? Does the phrase "Wizards of Waverly Place 12-Ball" set you into a shirt-tearing frenzy? If so, this is going to be the best day in your entire life. Disney Interactive has announced Disney... More
  • Blog Post: Kratos' Bid For Celibacy Ends With Mad Lovin'

    In an interview with UGO 's Tracey John, God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen saw continence in Kratos' God of War III quest, not an unexpected pit stop for sex. "It was more a debate between me and several of the story writers," said Asmussen. "I was like, I would rather not have... More
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