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  • Blog Post: Mojang's 0x10c To Miss Minecon

    Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson revealed that his enigmatic current project, 0x10c, will not appear at this weekend's Minecon in Paris, France via Twitter today. Sadly, we'll have to wait longer for word on how the space sim is coming along. In the meantime, check out the video... More
  • Blog Post: Minecon 2012 Dates And Location Announced

    If you love Minecraft, then Minecon is the place for you. It is also the place for you if you love Disney characters, because this year's convention will be held at Disneyland Paris. Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft, has announced that Minecon 2012 will take place on November 24 and 25. Minecon... More
  • Blog Post: Couple Gets Married In Minecraft-Themed Wedding, Makes Everyone Jealous

    We already brought you a kitschy Minecraft thing in the last few days, but this Minecraft-themed wedding was too good to pass up. Asia and Matt got engaged with Notch's help at Minecon 2011 . Their fabulously nerdy wedding included life-size sculptures of Creepers and animals like sheep and pigs... More
  • Blog Post: Dan Bull Follows Up Skyrim Rap With New Minecraft-Inspired Jam

    Frankly, I usually find "nerdcore" about as appealing as a trip to the dentist, but British rapper Dan Bull has skills. He already wowed gamers with his song "Skyrim Epic Rap," and now he's celebrating Minecon with a new Minecraft-inspired tune. This video is impressive on two... More
  • Blog Post: 'Finished' Version Of Minecraft Hits This Friday

    A finished version of Minecraft is releasing this Friday, creator Markus "Notch" Persson announced today. Through his blog , Notch says that while this is the finished version, that doesn't mean the developer will stop working on the game. "We’ll keep adding to the game just... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Gold

    The smash indie hit has gone gold , which most games do before selling four million units . As of publication time, we're looking at about 51 hours before the actual release version is available. As soon as Minecraft creator Notch pulls the lever (hits the button? Activates the switch? Swipes the... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Playable On Xbox At MineCon

    Want to check out the smash indie PC hit on the next platform it's headed to? Drop a hundred bucks on a ticket to the first ever Minecraft convention – now co-sponsored by Microsoft – taking place in Las Vegas on November 18-19. Months ahead of its planned spring 2012 Xbox Live Arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Go To The Minecraft Convention, Receive Mojang's Next Two Games Early

    If you're a big fan of Minecraft, developer Mojang has just given you yet another reason to try to make it to MineCon, the Minecraft-centric convention that will begin on November 18 in Las Vegas. IGN reports that amongst the swag being offered to MineCon attendees is one very nice virtual prize... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Convention Comes To Las Vegas This November

    Mojang Studio’s sandbox game/addictive exploration drug Minecraft has coaxed massive creativity out of its skilled users. Tons of user mods have surfaced since the game’s initial under-the-radar release in May 2009, and it has been such a huge success that Mojang has decided to hold a convention... More
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