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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Launching Mobile App Miitomo In March

    Update: Nintendo of America has provided additional confirmation for those in North America interested in Miitomo. News includes details about the new Nintendo Account service and the Club Nintendo replacement My Nintendo . In order to secure the bonus points for Miitomo, you'll need to register... More
  • Blog Post: The Wii U's TVii Service Is Shutting Down Next Month

    TVii, the underused TV watching service connected to the Wii U, will be no more next month. In a post on TVii Miiverse , Sarah from Nintendo wrote that the service will end on August 11, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. PT. After almost 3 years of finding, watching and engaging with Nintendo TVii, we will be ending... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Is Revamping The Miiverse With Screenshot Albums, Play Journals, And More

    Nintendo is going to be giving the Miiverse some new features and a sleeker look this summer. The update comes with new personalization features and changes to the communities pages that make them easier to navigate. Users will be able to store up to 100 screenshots in their personal album. They’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Started Work On Majora's Mask 3DS Remake In 2011, Will Include Changes

    In a post on the Miiverse, Zelda series producer (and Majora's Mask's original director) Eiji Aonuma shared some details about the upcoming remake . You can check out the full post here where Aonuma writes, "The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D was actually in development almost immediately... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Advises Users Of Miiverse Maintenance Starting Today

    Nintendo will be conducting maintenance on the Miiverse starting today, Friday, September 26 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific. The work is slated to continue to through Tuesday, September 30, at 1 a.m. Pacific. Users may encounter a number of errors trying to access the Miiverse during this time. These include 121... More
  • Blog Post: Miiverse User Creates Impressive Robin Williams Tribute With Art Academy: Sketchpad

    A Miiverse user going by Craig has created an impressive Robin Williams tribute using Art Academy: Sketchpad. To see the post with the impressive art piece (seen above), head here . Craig posted his piece along with the text, "To live... to live will be an awfully big adventure.” For a different... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Miiverse Comes To 3DS, Links Accounts To Wii U

    First, the good news. Nintendo's latest 3DS update introduces the community-driven Miiverse to the handheld, and it's live now. Once you've updated your system, you'll be asked if you want to link to a Nintendo Network ID (different from a Club Nintendo account) or create a new one. Linking... More
  • Blog Post: Miiverse Update Brings Wii U Social Network Closer To Twitter

    The Miiverse received an update recently that allows Wii U users to post messages to their feed, without the need to post in a specific community. In the past, you could only post messages to certain communities, and if you were posting unrelated content to the Super Luigi U community that had nothing... More
  • Blog Post: Special Animal Crossing Mii Plaza Available Now On Wii U

    During today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Saturo Iwata and Animal Crossing resident Isabelle announced a special Animal Crossing: New Leaf themed Mii Plaza for the Wii U. You can jump into the new plaza immediately, and Nintendo has designed it to be a place where Animal Crossing: New Leaf... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Full Wii U Direct Presentation Here

    Today, Nintendo released a ton of information about the Wii U's future via a new Direct presentation. If you missed it, you can watch it in its entirety below. If you're looking for specific news items from the conference, follow these links: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker remake coming this... More
  • Blog Post: Firmware And MiiVerse Updates And A Smartphone App Coming Soon For Wii U

    Nintendo has plans to update the Wii U and the MiiVerse to make to system run faster and increase usability. Two updates are currently planned, one in the Spring and one in the Summer. Along with adding new features, it should make software launch faster and allow users to return the the Wii U home menu... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Isn't Planning On Charging For Wii U Online Service

    At a recent shareholders meeting in Japan, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the company has examined the possibility of an Xbox Live-style for-pay online service, but doesn't think it's the right course. According to Andriasang, a shareholder asked about the possibility that Nintendo would... More
  • Blog Post: Miiverse Posts Require Approval Before Going Live

    The Wii U's homescreen offers something akin to the Wii's Mii Plaza, only with social-networking functionality built into it. Nintendo showed off the new feature, dubbed Miiverse, during its stage presentation. If you thought it would function similarly to PictoChat or SwapNote, you're kind... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Introduces Wii U's Miiverse

    Addressing the world at a presentation today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata introduced the Wii U's Miiverse, a social universe for the console. The Miiverse is a catch-all term referring to the Wii U's social functions, as well as a Mii hub in the console. Gamers will be able to text others... More
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