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  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Teases New Might & Magic Reveal For Pax East

    On Friday, the official Might & Magic Twitter account tweeted , "By the way, there is a secret page having made its apparition on a M&M site. Can you find it and discover something new...?" That URL has been uncovered. NeoGAF user Archie posted a thread pointing to the secret page ... More
  • Blog Post: A Look Back At Heroes Of Might & Magic II

    A few weeks ago I declared my love of Heroes of Might & Magic II, but I haven’t had a chance to explain why I adore this game so much. Since I recently rediscovered this classic thanks to Good Old Games , now seems like as good a time as any to lay out my love for its simple story, polished... More
  • Blog Post: Might And Magic Heroes VI Announced

    If you're like me and have missed the fantasy turn-based strategy of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, there's good news from Gamescom. Ubisoft has announced that they are resurrecting the series with a slightly tweaked title as Might and Magic Heroes VI. The game is in the works from Black... More
  • Blog Post: TQ Digital Announces Heroes Of Might and Magic MMO

    TQ Digital, a China-based developer of online and casual games, announced today a closed beta for a MMO version of the popular RPG series Might and Magic. According to GamePro this new MMO will take the 2.5D graphics of Might and Magic V and integrate them with the turn-based gameplay of Might and Magic... More
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