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  • Blog Post: Make, Made, Will Make Your Own Robert Lutece Papercraft

    BioShock Infite has some of the coolest gaming swag out there, but if you’re short on cash a good alternative is to make your own. A DeviantArt user has created instructions on creating a papercraft version of Robert Lutece from BioShock Infinite. The paper Lutece stands at about 17 inches in height... More
  • Blog Post: Wolf Link And Midna Statue Now Available For Preorder

    Remember that amazing statue of Wolf Link and Midna? You know, the one that's 15 inches high and lights up? The one that costs about $350? Yeah, that's the one. Back when we first told you about it, it wasn't available for preorder. Here's the deal: now it is. Head over to Sideshow Collectibles... More
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