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  • Blog Post: Brain Training Makes Its Way To Kinect

    First we trained our brain on the DS with Nintendo’s Brain Age games, but soon we may be getting our whole bodies involved when Respond With Your Body: New Brain Training comes out for Microsoft’s Kinect. It seems that Namco Bandai has tapped Dr. Ryuta Kawashima – the Tokyo University... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Reveals Fall XBLA Games

    In a rare but welcome change from the norm, Microsoft has revealed the scheduling and pricing for its upcoming XBLA games through the middle of October. Most of the time, it's hard to get Microsoft to communicate about upcoming XBLA games more than a few days ahead of their release, unless those... More
  • Blog Post: Fable III PC Version Delayed

    Today Microsoft has told IGN that the PC version of Fable III will no longer share a simultaneous release with the Xbox 360 version on October 26. "The console and PC versions are now on different schedules as we're focusing on building experiences optimized for each platform," the company... More
  • Blog Post: The Off Duty Adventures Of Master Chief & Arbiter

    Master Chief and Arbiter were last seen finishing off The Flood and escaping the Ark at the end of Halo 3. Sadly, they were separated as that game came to a close. Lucky for us they are back together again in the amusing photo-blog Master Chief Off Duty . The blog's creator, who is anonymous, writes... More
  • Blog Post: Harmonix Dance Game Shown At Natal/Kinect Event

    One of the many demos at Microsoft's crazy Kinect circus show was Dance Central, what is most likely Harmonix's rumored Natal project. Relatively late in the show, the young son tried to learn some hot dance moves from an onscreen instructor to the beat of No Doubt's "Hella Good."... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Pushed "Combat Evolved" Subtitle Onto Halo

    Many credit the original Halo with revolutionizing the FPS genre, but there was one key element that even the developers hated – the name. Not the Halo part, mind you...they were perfectly fine with that. It's the "Combat Evolved" subtitle that got thrown onto the box that the team... More
  • Blog Post: New Copies Of Alan Wake Will Include Free DLC

    Today Microsoft announced that every new copy of Alan Wake will come packaged with a token card good for the game's first Xbox Live DLC when it becomes available later this year. This goes for both the standard and limited collector's editions. This is good news for early adopters. Those of you... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Game Room Updates On Indefinite Hold

    Microsoft's classic Game Room initiative is already stalling, only a month after its debut. The Xbox Live Arcade program – offering arcade classics in their original state, complete with cabinets and everything – won't be updated for the foreseeable future. The Game Room launched... More
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