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  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Kingdom Hearts Orchestrated Soundtrack Project Destati Launches

    The first of three fan-made orchestrated albums of Kingdom Hearts music, entitled Project Destati, is now available. You can find the first album, Light, by heading here to grab the album on iTunes or Loudr.fm for $9.99. The project is the brainchild of trio of musicians, Kristin Naigus, David Russell... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Bringing Disney Magical World To North America

    Disney Magical World, which sounds a little bit like Harvest Moon with Disney guest stars, is making its way to North America. The game will be available in the 3DS eShop starting April 11. In it, players manage a cafe and raise crops, all while interacting with Disney characters in Disney worlds, customize... More
  • Blog Post: Junction Point On The Importance Of Story

    Junction Point staffers explore the importance of story in Disney Epic Mickey, starting with an interesting tale of how the collaboration came to be. Check out the trailer below, narrated by industry icon Warren Spector and peppered with new footage from the pending title. More
  • Blog Post: Climb To The Cloud Kingdom In These Epic Mickey Screens

    Junction Point has released a handful of new Epic Mickey screens to highlight their PAX presence. The lot shows off environments new and old. Check out the gallery below to gander at the Gremlin Village, revisit the lab, and find out what’s atop a beanstalk. More
  • Blog Post: Disney's Famous Mouse Does 2D And 3D In New Screens

    Disney's Epic Mickey is set to take fans of the world's most famous rodent (besides Pikachu) on the adventure of a lifetime. Mickey traverses a robust 3D world in which he uses either paint to restore decay or wipe away everything with paint thinner. He also takes a break for 2D platforming sections... More
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