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  • Blog Post: Michael Bay Bringing Ghost Recon To The Big Screen

    Ubisoft is working with the Transformers director and Warner Bros. Pictures to produce a big-budget Hollywood film based on the tactical shooter franchise. The company has been public about its quest to produce films based on its big franchises. Earlier this year, the news broke that Ubisoft was putting... More
  • Blog Post: Prove You're Worthy To Watch Michael Bay's Need For Speed Commercial

    Normally, a company rewards you with cool free stuff or new maps if you use Facebook to broadcast your enthusiasm for its products. In EA's case, you get a commercial from explosion expert Michael Bay…because people love commercials. That's right – this commercial is apparently so... More
  • Blog Post: The Third Transformers Film Is Called...

    If you thought George Lucas' movie titles were bad, you may want to brace yourselves, people. Michael Bay's third Transformers movie is confirmed to be Transformers: The Dark of the Moon . The movie title was discovered from listings for tie-in novels Transformers: The Dark of the Moon –... More
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