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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Have Any Arcade Memories?

    As gaming gets older and the players get younger, fewer have nostalgia for arcades. Do you have memories of video games' original platform? I have a few memories of traveling to arcades and playing arcade cabinets. I recall my brother and I attending a friend's party and using all of our tokens... More
  • Blog Post: Report: New 12GB PlayStation 3 Model To Retail For $199

    Evidence of a new PlayStation 3 model, which features 12GB of storage and will retail for $199, has surfaced. The website Engadget broke the news, based on a page on the Canadian retailer Future Play's website. The page was removed, but not before Engadget grabbed a screenshot (see above). It's... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Report: PlayStation 4 Uses At Least 2.5 GB Of RAM For OS

    Update: Sony has provided a comment that, while being ambiguous about the actual RAM requirements for the OS, clarifies a bit about how the system utilizes its memory. Please read this story for the full details. A new report states that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console reserves 3.5GB of its... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: If You Could Delete One Gaming Experience From Your Brain, What Would It Be?

    In the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , there is a service that allows you to delete memories from your brain. In the film, it seems to be used exclusively for sour relationships, but why not video game memories? For me, I think it would have to be the more recent Portal 2, or maybe Limbo... More
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