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  • Blog Post: Remembering Shin Hieftje

    I have supervised and worked together with a number of interns in recent years, but Jeremy “Shin” Hieftje was a particularly memorable presence in the Game Informer offices. During his term in the early months of 2014, he was quick to smile and put you at ease in conversation. He often saw... More
  • Blog Post: Honor Your Fallen XCOM Soldiers On Facebook

    If you've played the fantastic XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you know that death is an inevitable and sobering occurrence. Many of us have seen our friends and family perish at the hands of various sectoids, floaters, and (especially) sectopods. Now you can honor their sacrifice in the noblest of ways...via... More
  • Blog Post: Relic Holds Charity Auction In Memory Of Brian Wood

    A little over a year ago, Relic Entertainment's Brian Wood was killed in an automobile accident . To mark the sad anniversary, Relic is raising money with an auction. A tweet from Relic calls attention to the event, and you can see all of the items up for sale here . They include signed posters,... More
  • Blog Post: Memorial To Gary Gygax Underway

    If you've ever played a game with any RPG elements, you have Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax to thank for his part in coming up with role-playing rules as we know them today. Gygax passed away in 2008, but you can still pay your respects by making a pilgrimage to a memorial statue being... More
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