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  • Blog Post: Mega64 Sketch Shows A Sakaguchi Trapped By Final Fantasy

    Legendary game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi is most well-known for blazing trails in the RPG genre with the Final Fantasy series, but what if it was all by accident? YouTube channel Mega64 explores this idea in hilarious fashion with a video starring the man himself. The sketch starts out as a young Sakaguchi... More
  • Blog Post: The Stanley Parable Narrator Takes His Antics To The Street

    This is the story about Stanley, a seemingly innocent everyman who just wants to go about his normal everyday business and not be filmed. This is the The Stanley Parable in real life. Internet pranksters Mega64 go out on the street and film some people then convince The Stanley Parable's proper British... More
  • Blog Post: We Would Play A Game Based On Mega64's 'Kutaragi's Way'

    At the 2014 Game Developers Conference Awards ceremony last week in San Francisco, Ken Kutaragi received acknowledgement for his lifetime of contributions to the video game industry. The man known as the “Father of PlayStation” came from humble beginnings on the mean streets, though. At least... More
  • Blog Post: If Uncharted 3's Hallucination Scene Happened In Real Life...

    While Uncharted 3 is full of amazing setpieces and unforgettable moments, one of the strangest involves protagonist Nathan Drake fumbling through a powerful hallucination in a public market. The Internet heroes over at Mega64 decided to test out how this scene would look playing out in reality. Watch... More
  • Blog Post: Mega64's Game Of The Year Awards Include Best Planet

    Todd and Aaron are back to bring you Mega64's game of the year awards, although I am not sure if their opinions necessarily represent those of Mega64. In any case, it's pretty hilarious and involves a lot of yelling. Some of my favorite surprise winners include those from the best superhero game... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic's Vegas Vacation

    We've been playing takes on Sonic the Hedgehog's gaudy Casino Night Zone for 20-odd years now, but what would happen if the speedster visited the real-life equivalent of that level? Leave it to the comedians at Mega64 to find out. In Mega64's latest video, they take to the streets of Las... More
  • Blog Post: Mega64 Reveals The True Drama Of Modern Game Journalism

    Fun story: Last night I finished Uncharted 3. As anyone who reads my Twitter account may already know, I loved the game, but I found a lot of flaws in it as well. I couldn't help but wonder how people might have reacted if I had reviewed the game and brought those issues up. After all, our own Matt... More
  • Blog Post: Sorry, Tim; Sonic Still Sucks

    A few years back, I was introduced to what's known as the Sonic Cycle -- the process of hope, hype, and disappointment that Sonic the Hedgehog fans go through every time a new Sonic game is announced. Now the folks at Mega64 have figured out a clever metaphor to explain the situation even more clearly... More
  • Blog Post: Mega64 Unveils The Most Independent Game In The World

    Does it ever feel like some games are trying a little too hard to be indie? (I love you, Swords & Sorcery EP, but I'm looking at you.) Well, they can all stop. The jokers of Mega64 have put together a video showing off what the perfect independent game would be like...and why nobody would ever... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Gets The Mega64 Treatment

    Let's keep this short and sweet, OK? The guys over at Mega64 have released a new video skewering Heavy Rain. It includes a tough guy at a coffee shop, a guy who gets annoyed when a stranger handles his drink, and an old guy who seems confused by a bribery attempt. Watch it. More
  • Blog Post: Yu Suzuki Reveals Epic Ending To Shenmue Saga!

    Shenmue has one of the most rabid cult followings in gaming. Even today, thousands hope to one day hear the announcement of the never-made conclusion to the series. Recently, Suzuki has been at work creating an online social game based on Shenmue, and has spoken about his desire to create a third console... More
  • Blog Post: Mega64 Breaks Down The Top Games Of 2010

    And it’s much funnier than anything else out there. A word of warning - the video is vulgar, immature, and uses type treatment in a horrendous fashion. This is why we love it. Check it out below. [via Destructoid ] More
  • Blog Post: Mega64 Gets A Tomb Raider Reboot

    Watch the Mega64 guys make fun of our latest cover . Look guys, Lady Lara used to be very clean. In the last game you couldn’t even keep her dry. The next game is completely different. Check out Mega64 ’s video below. More
  • Blog Post: How Would A Real Soldier Handle Xbox Live Idiots?

    If there's one great adversity that gamers have had to get used to facing in virtual warfare, it's the constant chatter of racist, sexist, and homophobic morons over our headsets. But how would that annoyance affect a real soldier? YouTube has the answer! Rooster Teeth's web show Immersion... More
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