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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Rent Or Purchase Media From Xbox Live Or PSN?

    Microsoft and Sony continue to ramp up their media presence with video and music services. You can rent and purchase music, television shows, and movies via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, but do you? If you do opt to acquire this type of content through one of the services, do you typically rent... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Listing Points To Xbox One Media Remote

    Microsoft sees the Xbox One as an all-in-one entertainment device, serving as a hub for gaming, music, movies, and more. If a listing from Amazon's Canadian site is any indication, users could soon have another way to interact with the console. The listing, which has since been removed (but can be... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Out For Android And Kindle

    The third in GTA's vaunted PlayStation 2 trilogy is now available at the Google Play and Amazon App Stores . San Andreas is, in many ways, the most ambitious GTA project up until the recent Grand Theft Auto V, and obviously served as the inspiration for that game. The game sells for $6.99. One note... More
  • Blog Post: Launch Trailer For New Thor Game

    Gameloft has released a launch trailer for Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game, which puts players in control of Thor as he battles Malekith and the Dark Elves. Features include hammer and armor upgrades, famous Asgardian allies with unique abilities, summons, and a total of ninety missions to complete... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft To Use Jinni Recommendation Technology For Xbox Video

    Today, Microsoft announced that it has sign a multi-year agreement with Jinni to use its "Entertainment Genome" technology for Xbox video discovery. The press release states "Jinni's proprietary Entertainment Genome uses deep knowledge of every show and movie in the Xbox Video catalog... More
  • Blog Post: First Xbox One TV Commercial Courts Football Audience

    The first television spot for Microsoft's Xbox One aims to sell the console's advanced media functionality to football fans during the opening weekend of NFL games. The spot actually doesn't show any video games at all; it wouldn't be surprising if someone totally unaware of the system... More
  • Blog Post: A New Way To Render Water In Games

    Two researchers at graphics chipset manufacturer Nvidia have released video of a new method of simulating fluids. You’ve never seen dynamic water like this. These two videos demonstrate the concepts behind a paper to be presented at SIGGRAPH (a development conference for the technical aspects of... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Six Minutes Of Game & Wario Gameplay

    We've been curious about the upcoming Wii U hyper-speed minigame collection since last E3, and this new footage only has only increased that curiosity. You can also check out some of our previous coverage of the game. Source: NintenDaan1 More
  • Blog Post: See Diablo III In Action On PlayStation 3

    Blizzard just released a sizzle reel of actual gameplay footage for the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III. Looks like hot stuff for PS3 fans. More
  • Blog Post: Left 4 Dead 2 Invades Resident Evil 6 For PC

    Capcom's Resident Evil 6 releases today for PC, and the company has released a trailer that shows off some characters from Left 4 Dead 2 that will be playable in this version of the game. Left 4 Dead 2's survivors (Coach, Nick, Ellis, and Rochelle) are playable characters in Resident Evil 6 PC's... More
  • Blog Post: Leaked DLC Trailer Shows What Appears To Be Zombie Batman In Injustice

    NetherRealm's upcoming DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us isn't even out yet, but there is already information leaking about possible DLC for the game. After the German wing of Amazon revealed that a DLC pack called "Blackest Night" would be a preorder bonus for users who purchased... More
  • Blog Post: Oft-Delayed Scott Pilgrim DLC Out Now, Adds Wallace Wells And Multiplayer

    The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World DLC pack, which adds Scott's roommate Wallace Wells, and online multiplayer, to the game, was delayed so many times that we wondered if it would ever come out at all. Thankfully, it's out today on PlayStation Network for $4.99. It also adds four new Trophies to... More
  • Blog Post: See Dead on Arrival 2 In Action On Nvidia's Project Shield Handheld

    Nvidia's Project Shield hopes to bring a handheld console experience to the Android marketplace. In the company's latest video, you can see how NV3 Games' Dead on Arrival 2 has been enhanced to take advantage of Project Shield's powerful Tegra 4 processor. NV3, with help from Nvidia,... More
  • Blog Post: Ex-People Can Fly Developers Unveil The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

    The Astronauts, a new studio headed by Adrian Chmielarz, the former creative director of People Can Fly and the guiding force behind Gears of War: Judgment, Bulletstorm, and Painkiller, has released a teaser trailer for its intriguing new game. The game is titled The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, which... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Ubisoft Osiris Trailer Leaked

    An early version of a trailer for what appears to be a new IP from Ubisoft Montreal has leaked onto the Internet. Decoding the mo-cap suited scenes into gameplay details is a murky business, but the project appears to involve some kind of ancient Egyptian ritual sparking civic disorder. Originally spotted... More
  • Blog Post: Square Bringing Final Fantasy: All The Bravest To iOS Tomorrow

    Apple owners looking for an old-school Final Fantasy experience will be excited to learn that the company is bringing a classic-style RPG to the iPhone and iPad tomorrow. Yesterday's tease has lead to today's announcement about, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest , is a new adventure that features... More
  • Blog Post: Sir, You Are Being Hunted Alpha Gameplay Footage Released

    Indie British developer Big Robot has posted a chunk of raw gameplay from the ongoing alpha of its "tweedpunk" survival game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted. As insufferable as the "tweedpunk" moniker is – I can't bring myself type it without the quotes – the idea of scavenging... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With World Of Warcraft Anniversary Montage

    Blizzard released this trailer showcasing some of the highlights of its MMO's long reign atop the massively multiplayer market. How many of these moments were you there for? I have to say, Karazhan is still the best multiplayer dungeon experience I've ever had. Period. Anyway, November 23rd is... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock's Big Daddy Sighted In New Borderlands 2 DLC

    Video has surfaced of BioShock's legendary Big Daddy appearing in the newly released Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC for Borderlands 2. You'll also get a glimpse of BioShock's Little Sister. Check it out. Source: Kotaku More
  • Blog Post: Download Dishonored's Trailer Music

    Bethesda has released "The Drunken Whaler," the song backing Dishonored's excellent E3 trailer from this year, as a free download. Not only can you download the song , but you can also grab the stems and submit your own remix to Bethesda's official Remix Competition . Place in the top... More
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