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  • Blog Post: MechWarrior Online Devs Raise Over $100,000 For Cancer Research

    A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you the heartbreaking story of young Sarah Parries , who recently finished her fight with cancer. At age five, Sarah was one of the biggest fans of Piranha Games and Infinite Games Publishing's MechWarrior Online. She and her father, Jon, played together often... More
  • Blog Post: Buy A MechWarrior Online Jenner Mech To Fight Cancer

    Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing are doing something special in memory of one of the youngest MechWarrior fans. Five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries of Vancouver, British Columbia, a devout fan of Mechwarrior Online , recently lost her fight with cancer. The team behind her favorite game... More
  • Blog Post: MechWarrior Online Beta Stats Explained, Release Date Revealed

    MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games released some fun statistics about the damage its players have caused in the open beta so far. Since the beta began last October, more than one million users have spent 9.6 million hours destroying nearly 47 million mechs. This works out to be about 3 billion... More
  • Blog Post: MechWarrior Online Open Beta Date Announced

    The open beta for MechWarrior Online is set to begin next week on Oct. 29. MechWarrior puts players in command of a BattleMech during the initial stages of a massive interstellar war. Players can customize their Mech to suit their role on the battlefield, upgrade various systems, replace weapons, and... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Register For Free-To-Play MechWarrior Tactics Game Today

    UPDATE: We're one step closer to figuring out what this game is -- but it's a step that might cause some of you to lose interest. A reader reports that upon registering, they received a confirmation e-mail referring to MechWarrior Tactics as "an exciting new Free to Play offering from the... More
  • Blog Post: New MechWarrior Uses CryEngine 3

    The new free-to-play MechWarrior Online was announced last month, and while details are still scarce, developer Piranha Games has revealed that it will use Crytek's CryEngine 3. Unsurprisingly, both parties involved seem to be delighted with the choice according to a press release. "Both Piranha... More
  • Blog Post: MechWarrior Online Announced

    Pirahanna Games today announced MechWarrior Online, a free-to-play title due out in the second half of 2012 for PC The game is set in the year 3049 during an interstellar war. Players can expect to see plenty of upgrade and tweaking options to customize their Mechs, including weapon types and appearence... More
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