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  • Blog Post: She-Ra Added To The Most Powerful Game In The Universe

    If you haven't played He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe on iOS yet, you are missing out on a goofy but hilarious homage to one of the best cartoon franchises of the '80s. The simple touchscreen combat won't blow your mind, but getting the chance to command the power of Grayskull... More
  • Blog Post: Mattel Arkham City Figures Slated For Parole

    Spawned from Mattel’s DC Universe Batman Legacy line, a pair of two Arkham City figures are currently in production. The offering includes Batman and Two-Face, packaged together for $30.99. Both stand at six-inches tall and are articulated at multiple points, as is the standard. I’m personally... More
  • Blog Post: Angry Birds Knocks On Wood

    Surefire success Angry Birds is transcending the digital realm, having been recently spotted at CES fashioned into a board game. Reports indicate that Mattel has translated the mobile app into a tangible product slated to retail for $14.99. Angry Birds Knock on Wood has two to four players catapulting... More
  • Blog Post: THQ And Mattel Unite In Publishing Partnership

    THQ announced today a strategic partnership with Mattel that will draw from the overflowing well of products and properties in the toy manufacturer's portfolio. The multi-year partnership is intended to strengthen THQ’s reach with kids and family titles. THQ plans on taking advantage of Mattel’s... More
  • Blog Post: Intellivision Next Was Almost A Reality

    While speaking at GDC, industry legend Don Daglow, who was one of the original five programmers for Mattel's Intellivision, revealed that he was working on a follow up to the classic machine. Daglow called the console the "Intellivision Next" and mentions it would release in 1983. During... More
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