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  • Blog Post: Eve Players Loot New In-Game System For Unheard-of Wealth, Troll Everyone

    Space MMORPG Eve Online's greatest feature is the freedom it gives to players to run the galaxy however they want. Sometimes, those players make us profoundly glad we don't play Eve seriously – though their exploits are fun to read about. The infamous Goonswarm found a few holes in the... More
  • Blog Post: Age Of Conan Free For Remainder Of May

    Anyone who ever created an Age of Conan account can log in and play for free until the calendar flips to June, no matter how long your subscription has been lapsed. Funcom is also giving away free experience-boosting potions and a free month of game time for anyone who resubscribes during the month of... More
  • Blog Post: Age Of Empires Online Beta Open Until Midnight Saturday

    Help Gas Powered Games and Microsoft stress test the servers for the upcoming quasi-MMO real-time strategy game with free access to the Age of Empires Online beta. Anyone can jump in and check out the game for the rest of the beta, so long as you download the client before Saturday night. Age of Empires... More
  • Blog Post: Global Agenda Now Free To Play

    Hi-Rez Studios has flipped the switch. Its massively multiplayer sci-fi FPS Global Agenda is now free to play and download, with additional products and services available for purchase. You can get all the way to the level cap of 50 (albeit at half speed) without spending a dime if you so choose. I salute... More
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